3M on Verge of $5.5B Military Earplug Lawsuit Settlement

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In a significant turn of events, 3M Co., the multinational conglomerate corporation, is reportedly on the brink of reaching a $5.5 billion settlement over a deluge of lawsuits regarding defective earplugs. The settlement, which is under negotiation, seeks to resolve over 300,000 lawsuits, which allege that the company’s combat earplugs failed to adequately protect military veterans from hearing loss.

The proposed settlement figure by 3M and its subsidiary, Aearo Technologies, is substantially less than the approximately $10 billion that industry experts had initially speculated the corporation could be liable for. The case has escalated into the largest mass tort in U.S. history, with Aearo filing for bankruptcy in July 2022 in an effort to resolve the litigation against it. Despite this, 3M’s board is yet to cast their votes on the proposed settlement.

3M Co. Nearing Settlement of $5.5 Billion Over Defective Earplugs

According to recent reports, 3M Co., a multinational conglomerate corporation, is on the brink of agreeing to a $5.5 billion settlement over defective combat earplugs. It’s reported that these malfunctioning earplugs failed to provide adequate protection against hearing loss to thousands of military veterans.

A Resolution in Sight Amidst Largest Mass Tort in U.S. History

Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal have revealed that more than 300,000 lawsuits against 3M are moving towards a settlement. These lawsuits, arising from the defective earplugs, have led to the largest mass tort in U.S. history. Experts had initially predicted that 3M could be liable for approximately $10 billion. However, the proposed settlement figure by 3M and its subsidiary Aearo Technologies is considerably less.

Aearo Technologies Bankruptcy and 3M’s Financial Performance

In an attempt to resolve the litigation against it, Aearo filed for bankruptcy in July 2022. The 3M’s board is yet to vote on the proposed settlement. Despite the ongoing legal issues, 3M reported an adjusted quarterly profit that exceeded expectations in July, thanks to a $10.3 billion charge for a proposed settlement over “forever chemicals” in drinking water.

Impact on Stock Market Performance

The ongoing legal turmoil has impacted 3M’s stock market performance. Year to date, 3M shares have dipped by 17%, contrasting with the S&P 500’s gain of 15%.


While the proposed settlement amount is significantly lower than initially predicted, the impact on 3M’s reputation and stock market performance is significant. However, the corporation’s ability to still report a profit amidst these challenges indicates strong financial management. The outcomes of this case will not only influence 3M’s future operations but may also set precedence for similar cases in the industry.

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