3M Settles for $5.5B in Military Earplug Lawsuit

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3M Co. is set for a significant rebound in pre-market trading, following a Bloomberg report suggesting a $5.5 billion settlement to settle hundreds of thousands of lawsuits related to defective earplugs sold to the U.S. military. The tentative agreement, reached over the weekend, comes as a significant relief to investors, as it is roughly half of the estimated $10 billion that was initially anticipated for the resolution of these claims.

The company, a Dow component, had found itself in a financial quagmire after its unit Aearo, the manufacturer of the earplugs, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year to limit financial liabilities. This settlement follows hot on the heels of another major financial commitment from 3M this spring. The conglomerate agreed to pay approximately $10.3 billion over the next decade to numerous public water companies to settle suits tied to ‘forever chemicals’ or PFAs. Despite these financial burdens, 3M shares are projected to open at $104.56 each, a 5.67% rise in pre-market trading, potentially reducing the stock’s year-to-date decline to around 12.8%.

3M Set to Resolve Legal Claims with $5.5 Billion Settlement

3M Co., a prominent industrial group, experienced a significant pre-market trading boost following the announcement of a tentative $5.5 billion settlement. This agreement is set to resolve approximately 300,000 legal claims tied to defective earplugs sold to the U.S. military.

Legal Claims Background

The legal claims were primarily linked to earplugs made by Aearo, a 3M subsidiary. Last year, Aearo filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to lessen the financial liability associated with the allegedly defective earplugs. According to Bloomberg, the settlement amount of $5.5 billion is nearly half of the estimated $10 billion that 3M was anticipated to pay for the faulty product.

Previous Settlements

This isn’t the first time 3M has faced lawsuits over its products. Earlier this year, the company agreed to pay around $10.3 billion over the next decade to a multitude of public water companies. This settlement was in response to suits tied to the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAs or ‘forever chemicals’. Depending on the levels of PFAs discovered in public water systems, payments could increase up to $12.5 billion, 3M disclosed.

In the wake of these lawsuits, 3M has committed to discontinuing the production of PFAs by 2025.

Market Response

Following the announcement of the tentative agreement, 3M shares, a component of the Dow, surged by 5.67% in pre-market trading. This jump suggests an opening bell price of $104.56 per share, which could reduce the stock’s year-to-date decline to approximately 12.8%.


This settlement marks a significant development in the ongoing legal battles 3M has faced regarding its products. It appears that the company is determined to resolve these issues and move forward, as demonstrated by their commitment to halt the production of PFAs. However, these hefty settlements will likely impact 3M’s financial performance in the short term. As the company navigates these legal challenges, investors will undoubtedly keep a close eye on 3M’s future strategies and decisions.

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