Amazon Echo Frames Upgrade Audio and Battery Performance

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Augmented reality glasses may not have reached mainstream usage yet, but Amazon is not letting that stop them from enhancing the audio-enabled glasses experience. The e-commerce giant, which brought us the Echo Frames in 2020, has now announced an upgrade to these innovative spectacles. The new Echo Frames, set to debut later this year with a starting price of $269, promise improved battery life, enhanced ambient audio, and a range of design options. They may not come equipped with cameras or screens, but they do serve as a conduit for Amazon’s revamped Alexa AI services.

In a strategic move, Amazon has teamed up with Carrera to offer a variety of frame styles for the new glasses, following a similar approach used by Meta with Ray-Ban for its audio-camera eyewear. The upgraded Echo Frames will not only offer prescription lens options, but also sunglasses and blue light lenses. They boast an impressive IPX4 water-resistant rating, improved bass, volume, microphone quality, and voice recognition, along with a six-hour battery life. Plus, they can connect to two audio sources simultaneously, and Alexa can even help you locate them if misplaced.

Amazon’s Echo Frames Set to Receive Major Upgrades

Amazon’s Echo Frames: Innovative Audio-Enabled Glasses

Since their introduction in 2020, Amazon’s Echo Frames have been a noteworthy addition to the tech industry. While everyday augmented reality glasses are still a future concept, audio-enabled glasses have been in use for some time. Amazon’s Echo Frames, an embodiment of this technology, is set to receive a significant upgrade later this year. The new Echo Frames, starting at $269, promise improvements in battery life, ambient audio, and design choices.

No Camera, No Screens, Just Alexa

Unlike some of their competitors, the Echo Frames do not contain cameras or screens. Instead, they serve as another platform for Amazon’s revamped Alexa AI services. The focus here is on audio and voice recognition, making them a unique piece in the tech market.

Design Variety and Quality Features

The design diversity of the new Echo Frames is made possible by a partnership with Carrera, similar to Meta’s collaboration with Ray-Ban for its audio-camera eyewear. The frames are not only stylish but functional too, with options for prescription lenses, sunglass lenses, and blue light lenses. The glasses are also water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, promising a six-hour battery life, improved bass, volume, microphone quality, and voice recognition. Interestingly, they can connect to two audio sources at once. A particularly nifty feature is Alexa’s ability to locate the glasses if they are misplaced.

Echo Frames: Availability and Expectations

While Amazon has not yet announced a specific release date for the upgraded Echo Frames, they have created a page where interested customers can sign up to be notified when they become available. With the promise of enhanced features and design choices, these glasses are sure to attract tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.


The upgraded Echo Frames by Amazon are a demonstration of the continuous innovation in the tech industry. While we might not yet be ready for everyday augmented reality glasses, audio-enabled glasses, such as Echo Frames, are bridging the gap. The unique features, like voice recognition and the ability to connect to two audio sources, add a layer of convenience that many users will appreciate. The partnership with Carrera also shows that tech companies are increasingly aware of the need to combine functionality with style. It will be interesting to see how consumers respond to these new features and whether the improvements will help Amazon to maintain a competitive edge in the wearable tech market.

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