Angry Miao’s Keyboard Artistry Revolutionizes Tech World

angry miao s keyboard artistry revolutionizes tech world.jpg Technology

In the world of high-quality keyboards, Angry Miao is a name that stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. The company, known for its innovative and visually striking products, is back with a second run of its anime-inspired mechanical keyboard, the AM AFA. The AM 65 Less was one of the company’s notable designs, a 65% keyboard that replaced cursor keys with a touch panel. Then came the futuristic-looking Am Hatsu and the Cyberboard, which boasted a massive LED panel. Now, the AM AFA is set to continue Angry Miao’s tradition of delivering top-notch build quality and unique designs.

The AM AFA is a solid piece of hardware, weighing in at nearly five pounds (2.26 kilos) and features a wide-open pattern at the front and back, giving the illusion of weightlessness as it seems to float on your desktop. This design trick is characteristic of Angry Miao’s approach to creating keyboards that are not just functional, but also visually captivating. The keyboard comprises three interconnected parts, including two separate pieces of hardware that form the two halves of the keyboard, and a control module in the middle. The keyboard’s unique design and top-notch build quality are a testament to the company’s meticulous manufacturing process, which involves roughly 10 hours of CNC processing and manual polishing.

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