Anker MagGo Lineup Now Qi2 Compatible for Magnetic Charging

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Anker is once again setting the pace in the charging accessories market with a revamped lineup designed to deliver more power and versatility to consumers. Known for their high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to first-party products, Anker’s MagGo series is now embracing the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) new Qi2 charging standard, promising to deliver a charging experience that closely mirrors Apple’s 15W MagSafe technology.

This new generation of Anker’s MagGo range includes seven innovative products, among them a 6,600mAh power bank that attaches directly to your phone and a compact 3-in-1 fast-charging station designed for your AirPods, Apple Watch, and Qi2 phone charging. Prior to this, Anker’s MagGo accessories were only MagSafe compatible, limiting them to 7.5-watt magnetic wireless charging. However, the Qi2 MagGo series has received full compliance marks from the WPC’s most recent Qi2 official certification, making it one of the first product lineups to achieve this feat.

Anker Unveils Qi2-Compliant MagGo Wireless Charging Accessories

Anker, known for its efficient and cost-effective charging solutions, has just released an update for its popular wireless MagGo lineup. With this new release, Anker now supports the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) recently introduced Qi2 charging standard, bringing a more powerful, future-proofed offering to its users.

The New Qi2 MagGo Range

The refreshed Qi2 MagGo lineup consists of seven unique products. Notable additions include a 6,600mAh power bank that conveniently attaches to your phone, and a 3-in-1 fast-charging station designed to juice up your AirPods, Apple Watch, and a 15-watt Qi2 phone simultaneously. Anker also announced the next generation of its 8-in-1 charging station, complete with two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, three plugs, and a Qi2 phone charger.

Improved MagSafe Compatibility

Previously, Anker’s MagGo accessories were compatible with Apple’s MagSafe, but not certified. This meant that the accessories could only provide 7.5-watt magnetic wireless charging, falling short of the full 15-watt output. However, with the new Qi2 MagGo lineup, Anker has achieved full compliance with the WPC’s most recent Qi2 official certification, enhancing the output to match Apple’s 15W MagSafe technology.

Compatibility with Apple Products

According to Anker, the effectiveness of its Qi2 MagGo accessories is on par with Apple’s 15W MagSafe technology, and they should seamlessly work with any Apple MagSafe iPhone devices. While it’s not currently confirmed, future Apple iPhone 15 offerings may feature Qi2 support, eliminating the need for MagSafe certification.


Anker’s new and improved MagGo products are expected to be available this fall, likely aligning with the release of Qi2-compatible phones in the market.


Anker’s move to incorporate the Qi2 charging standard into their MagGo lineup is a forward-thinking stride that gives it a competitive edge. With increased compatibility and boosted power output, Anker demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of the curve while maintaining affordability. As we anticipate the arrival of Qi2-supporting phones, it will be interesting to see how the market responds to these advanced charging solutions.

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