Apple’s Smart Ring Redesign Unveils Jewel Feature for iPhone Control

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In a fascinating development in the wearable tech landscape, Apple, the tech behemoth, is diligently advancing its smart ring project. Recently granted a patent, the wearable is designed to control other devices via touch inputs, a significant leap from its previous notion of gesture controls. The "Apple Ring," as it’s being called, was last discussed in 2020 when the company’s patent revealed its intention to introduce gesture controls. However, the new patent suggests a shift to a "rotating outer band" as a potential method of wireless control, as stated in the document found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. This innovative feature could enable users to scroll through a webpage on their iPhone simply by moving the band.

Peeking into the patent’s details, the Apple Ring appears to be a versatile gadget capable of connecting to a wide array of hardware, including smartwatches, headphones, desktops, tablets, and laptops. The patent details a sophisticated "electronic jewel system" as the central component of the ring, housing a scroll ball for the outer band, a touch sensor, storage space, and a haptic generator. This small, unobtrusive device could revolutionize the way users interact with their digital environments, from controlling a Mac with a few twists of the ring to receiving tactile smartphone notifications. However, as intriguing as these details are, it’s essential to remember that the final product, if it materializes, may not encompass all these features.

Apple’s Smart Ring Project Continues Amid New Patent Approval

Apple’s journey towards the fruition of its smart ring project keeps gaining momentum. The tech behemoth recently received a patent for a wearable device capable of controlling other gadgets via touch inputs. This comes as a fresh update on the once speculated "Apple Ring" that was last discussed in 2020, with the focus then being on gesture controls. However, the new direction points to a "rotating outer band" as the primary method of wireless control, according to a document found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

An Array of Features

The patent provides block diagrams that detail the gadget’s capabilities and its possible current design. The small device, akin to a cybernetic wedding band, could potentially connect to a wide range of hardware, from smartwatches and headphones to desktops, tablets, and laptops. Imagine scrolling through a webpage on your iPhone or controlling your Mac with a few simple twists of a ring on your finger.

The heart of the Apple Ring, aptly termed as the "electronic jewel system", incorporates a scroll ball for the outer band, a touch sensor, storage space, and a haptic generator. The latter will vibrate in response to smartphone notifications, thereby keeping you connected at all times.

A Futuristic Approach

Despite the ambitious nature of the project, it’s worth approaching the information with a degree of skepticism. Although the concept sounds impressive, there’s no guarantee that these features will be available in the final product – if a final product is indeed in the works. However, Apple’s explorations into this technology could signify a new wave in high-tech accessories.

The patent also mentions the potential for the device to interact with "gloves for computer-generated environments", suggesting a foray into virtual reality (VR) interactions without the need for a controller. This takes the notion of wearable tech into the realm of science fiction, but it’s an exciting prospect nonetheless.

Wearable Tech: The Next Frontier?

As we observe the progression of smart rings, from sleep trackers like the Oura to contactless payment support in upcoming models like the Oura Ring 4, the wearable technology landscape continues to evolve. With recent patents also hinting at bracelet-like AirPod charging cases, it’s clear that the future of tech wearables is more diverse than ever before.

As we anticipate a future where our outfits could be entirely composed of Apple products, it’s exciting to speculate on the possibilities that await in the realm of wearable tech.


The continued development of Apple’s smart ring project represents a significant stride towards a new frontier in wearable technology. The potential to control devices through wearable accessories may not be far off. However, it’s important to temper our excitement with a dose of reality. Only time will tell if these concepts will come to fruition or remain in the realm of futuristic speculation.

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