Apple’s Tim Cook Teases Early Peek at Ted Lasso Season 3

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"Apple’s Vision Pro: More Than a Glimpse into the Future?" In a high-tech world where virtual reality and mixed-reality devices are gaining momentum, Apple’s Vision Pro is paving its own path, with CEO Tim Cook himself being one of its earliest and most ardent users. In a recent interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning, Cook revealed that he uses the headset regularly, even watching an entire season of a popular TV show on the device, and hinted at exclusive features that are yet to be unveiled to the public.

Scheduled for release in early 2022, the Vision Pro is Apple’s ambitious leap into the realm of mixed-reality headsets, albeit with a hefty base price of $3,499. While some fans may have balked at the price tag, the "Pro" in Vision Pro suggests a more affordable, consumer-friendly model could be in the works. Amidst production challenges termed "more complex" than those faced with iPhone updates, Cook emphasized that the headset requires innovation not just in development, but also in manufacturing.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases Upcoming Vision Pro Release

Apple’s new headset, the Vision Pro, may not be available to consumers until next year, but CEO Tim Cook has already been putting it through its paces. In a recent interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning, Cook revealed he uses the Vision Pro regularly, even watching the entire third season of "Ted Lasso" on the device, and hinted at exclusive features he’s testing out.

Cook’s Vision Pro Teasers

Cook didn’t reveal all his secrets, stating there are "some things I have access to that other people don’t have access to, so I’m doing that, but that I can’t talk to you about." This tease could hint at yet-to-be-revealed functionality, creating more anticipation for the headset’s launch next year. Despite speculation about the Vision Pro’s development, Cook confirmed the release remains on track for early next year.

Overcoming Complex Production Challenges

The Vision Pro has presented Apple with production challenges "more complex" than the regular iPhone updates, according to Cook. The mixed-reality headset required innovation not only in development but also in manufacturing. Despite these hurdles, Apple remains confident in its timeline and the ultimate functionality of the device.

Product Pricing and Market Implications

The Vision Pro was introduced in June with a hefty base price tag of $3,499, surprising many Apple fans and potentially limiting its initial market reach. However, the "Pro" in its name suggests a more consumer-friendly model may be on the horizon. Although this model won’t likely be cheap, it’s expected to be considerably less than the Vision Pro.

Hints at Upcoming Features

Apple has subtly promoted the Vision Pro’s capabilities during its recent iPhone event, showcasing the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s ability to shoot 3D spatial videos compatible with the headset. Additionally, a new "double tap" gesture compatible with the Apple Watch Series 9 will also be used with the Vision Pro, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the new gesture in advance.


Apple’s Vision Pro is set to revolutionize the mixed-reality headset market with its high-end pricing and advanced features. The anticipation is heightened by Cook’s hints about exclusive features and the company’s subtle promotion of the device’s potential capabilities. The upcoming consumer-friendly version promises to make this technology more accessible, further expanding Apple’s reach into the mixed-reality market.

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