Bone Hunters in Maui’s Fields Seek Closure for Grieving Families

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In the heart of a post-apocalyptic landscape, between the sharp contours of the ancient Puʻu Kukui volcano and the serene blue waters of the Pacific, forensic anthropologist Eric Bartelink embarked on a grim mission. Amid the charred remnants of what was once the vibrant Hawaiian town of Lahaina, Bartelink and his team painstakingly searched for traces of human life following the deadliest wildfire to hit the U.S. in a century, leaving hundreds missing since

Aftermath of Lahaina Fire: The Hunt for Human Remains

In the aftermath of the most destructive U.S. wildfire this century, forensic anthropologists embarked on a delicate mission to identify human remains amidst the ash and rubble of the historic Hawaiian town of Lahaina. The fire, which blazed on

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