Container Store CEO Slashes Own Salary for Employee Pay Raises

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In an unprecedented move amid challenging times, Satish Malhotra, CEO of The Container Store, has voluntarily agreed to a 10% salary reduction to offset the cost of employee wage increases. The decision comes at a time when the Coppell-based storage and organization products retailer is actively addressing its cost structure due to a challenging sales environment. The company, which had to resort to job cuts and an employment freeze in May, is working to meet employees’ expectations for an annual merit increase.

The company’s struggle with declining sales is a driving force behind Malhotra’s decision. The retailer has witnessed a significant 21.1% drop in sales in the three months ending July 1, including a 15.8% decline in online sales. Additionally, the current economic climate, characterized by inflation and wage stagnation, is putting a strain on household incomes and shining a spotlight on CEO compensations. Malhotra’s decision to reduce his base salary from $925,000 to $832,000 for six months, effective from October 1, is a response to these challenges.

CEO of The Container Store Takes Pay Cut Amid Declining Sales

Satish Malhotra, CEO of The Container Store, has voluntarily decided to take a pay cut of 10% to offset the cost of employee pay raises. The company is actively addressing its cost structure due to a challenging sales environment and to meet employee expectations for an annual merit raise. The move comes on the back of job cuts and unfilled vacancies announced by the retailer in May.

Declining Sales and Economic Challenges

The company is facing declining sales, with a decrease of 21.1% in the three months ended July 1, including a 15.8% drop in online sales. This comes as inflation impacts household incomes and CEO pay becomes a contentious issue. Last year, the company reported a loss of $158.86 million on sales of $1.05 billion, compared to a profit of $81.72 million on sales of $1.09 billion the previous year. Malhotra, who was hired at the start of 2021, has noted that customers are feeling the pinch of economic trends, leading to cautious discretionary spending.

Malhotra’s Salary and Future Plans

Malhotra’s base salary is now $832,000, down from $925,000, and will be in effect for six months starting October 1. He will not receive any retroactive payments when his salary is reinstated on April 1. Despite the pay cut, he remains eligible for severance benefits that consist of twice his annual base salary if terminated by the board without cause or if he resigns for a "good reason."

The Container Store’s Strategy

In response to decreased store traffic and lower sales, The Container Store is focusing on reducing prices and expanding its product range. The retailer plans to open six new smaller format stores by next spring and aims to add 1,000 new products by March 2024. The company also has plans to expand into new categories such as dining, entertaining, home décor, and textiles. Despite the current challenges, Malhotra’s ultimate goal is to transform the company into a $2 billion per year retailer with the opening of 75 more stores.


The Container Store’s strategy to cope with declining sales and challenging economic conditions underscores the importance of adaptability in business. While the decision of the CEO to take a pay cut to offset employee raises is commendable, the broader focus on reducing prices, expanding product range, and opening new stores might be the key to navigating through these challenging times. Furthermore, businesses must stay attuned to economic trends and customer behavior to adjust their strategies accordingly.

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