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In an era where information is readily available at our fingertips, staying updated on the weather has never been easier. Yet, for many, the go-to source remains The Weather Channel, the ever-present channel dedicated to all things meteorological. This proves particularly true during the hurricane season, as residents of Florida and the Southeast prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Idalia. However, for those without cable television, accessing The Weather Channel can prove to be a challenge. This piece aims to guide you on how to stream The Weather Channel online, ensuring you stay informed about the weather conditions in your area.

Streaming The Weather Channel is not as straightforward as one might think, especially for those who aren’t cable subscribers. The options for streaming through traditional services in the U.S., also known as multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), are surprisingly limited. But don’t lose hope just yet – there’s a silver lining. The Weather Channel is accessible through the most popular streaming service, YouTube TV, which means over 5 million accounts can already stream the channel as part of their existing plan. Let’s delve deeper into the various ways you can access The Weather Channel online.

Streaming The Weather Channel: A Guide for Cord-Cutters

In a world where there is no shortage of ways to obtain weather updates, many folks still rely on The Weather Channel. In times of severe weather like the 2024 hurricane season currently hitting the Southeast, the importance of reliable and timely weather information cannot be overstated. However, for those who have cut the cable cord, accessing The Weather Channel can be a challenge. Here’s a guide on how to stream The Weather Channel online.

Options for Streaming The Weather Channel

For cord-cutters looking to stream The Weather Channel through traditional streaming services in the U.S., also known as MVPDs, options may seem limited. However, The Weather Channel is available on several popular platforms.

YouTube TV and FuboTV

The most popular streaming service, YouTube TV, hosts The Weather Channel as part of its single streaming plan, which currently costs $73 a month. With over 5 million accounts, YouTube TV users have easy access to The Weather Channel. Following closely is FuboTV, which has nearly 1 million subscribers. The Weather Channel is included in its base “Pro” plan, costing $75 a month for 167 channels. Fans of Spanish language content will also find The Weather Channel en Español. Both platforms are the only streaming services offering 4K options, mostly for live sports and on-demand content on YouTube TV.

Hulu With Live TV and Frndly TV

Hulu With Live TV, the second-largest live streaming platform in the U.S, also offers The Weather Channel. This platform, costing $75 a month, includes subscriptions to Hulu’s on-demand library, ESPN+, and Disney+. For those seeking a budget-friendly option, Frndly TV provides The Weather Channel in its basic plan costing $7 a month. This plan offers more than 40 channels at SD video quality and allows watching on one device at a time.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream subscribers can access The Weather Channel starting from the "Choice" plan, which provides 105 channels for $70 a month.

The Weather Channel TV App

If streaming The Weather Channel isn’t appealing, there’s an alternative: The Weather Channel TV App. This dedicated app provides weather alerts, updates, local forecasts, radar, maps, and on-demand shows. It’s available on most platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs, and Xfinity Flex. It costs $3 a month or $30 a year. If you already have The Weather Channel through cable TV or a streaming service, you can sign in to The Weather Channel TV App and access these features.


Accessing The Weather Channel without cable is not as challenging as it may seem. Various streaming services offer options that fit different budgets and viewing preferences. Additionally, The Weather Channel TV App provides an alternative for those who prefer a dedicated platform. As the hurricane season advances, it’s essential for viewers in affected areas to find reliable sources of weather information, and these options make The Weather Channel accessible to cord-cutters.

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