Elon Musk Removes User Blocking on X, Keeps Mute Option

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Elon Musk’s latest move to revamp X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to rock the social media boat once again. The tech mogul and owner of the platform has announced plans to abolish the option to block other users, a feature he deems unnecessary, advocating instead for muting as a more reasonable alternative. This proposed change, however, only extends to general interactions, with the blocking feature remaining available for direct messages (DMs).

The decision to eliminate the blocking feature, a tool widely used by users as a protective shield against harassment, has raised concerns about potential exposure to unwanted, even abusive content. CNBC highlights that users also employ the block feature to dismiss unwanted advertisers and brands, a practice that, if widely adopted, could potentially dent X’s revenue streams. This announcement follows X’s controversial decision last spring to terminate the platform’s free API, resulting in the failure of many third-party apps.

Major Changes Coming to X: Elon Musk Plans to Remove Blocking Feature

In a surprising move, Elon Musk, the owner and CTO of the platform formerly known as Twitter, has announced that the service will be removing the option to block other users, with exceptions only for direct messages. Musk has indicated his intention to get rid of this feature before, arguing that muting, not blocking, should be the go-to solution for users who wish to avoid certain content or interactions.

Loss of a Key Safety Feature

The decision to scrap the blocking feature has been met with widespread concern. For many, the ability to block other users has been a crucial tool in shielding themselves from harassment and unwanted content. The elimination of this feature could potentially expose users to more offensive or harmful content in their feeds and notifications. The decision could also impact the platform’s revenue, as highlighted by CNBC. Users often use the blocking feature to avoid seeing content from certain advertisers or brands, and if enough users employ this strategy, it could significantly affect X’s financial performance.

Recent Controversies and Changes

This announcement follows a series of changes and controversies involving the platform. In the spring, X discontinued the platform’s free API, a decision which left many third-party apps non-functional. Ironically, just a year prior, the platform had started recommending these third-party apps as a means to combat harassment. One such app, Block Party, has since ceased its association with Twitter due to changes in the API.

Rival Platforms Seize the Opportunity

Interestingly, shortly after Musk’s announcement, rival platform Bluesky experienced a service interruption, suggesting that some X users might be considering alternatives as the platform’s changes make it less appealing.


Musk’s decision to remove the blocking feature on X could have far-reaching implications. While the mute feature will remain, it does not offer the same level of protection as blocking. Furthermore, the potential impact on X’s bottom line cannot be overlooked. Should users start to abandon the platform in favor of less restrictive alternatives, it could spell trouble for X. This decision underscores the delicate balance that social media platforms must strike between fostering open communication and protecting their users. Only time will tell how these changes will impact X and its user base.

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