From iPhone 15 to Roombas Get Your Weekly Tech Recap

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In the bustling world of tech, this week was no exception to the constant stream of exciting developments and launches. A myriad of announcements caught our attention, from the much-anticipated launch of the iPhone 15 series to the unveiling of HP’s pricey foldable PC. The tech giant Apple once again stirred the pot with its new iPhones, this time integrating a USB-C port, much to the delight of fans. However, it was not all about Apple. HP, known for its top-notch 2-in-1 laptops, PCs, and tablets, made waves with the reveal of the HP Spectre Foldable PC, a device that promises to cover all three markets.

Not to be overshadowed, the camera industry had its fair share of new releases as well. Fujifilm, Panasonic, OM System, and Blackmagic all launched new cameras, offering a range of features and capabilities to suit every photographer’s needs. Meanwhile, iRobot introduced its new Roomba vacuums, equipped with advanced technology for improved cleaning efficiency. And if you thought the wearable tech trend was slowing down, think again. Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch its Galaxy Ring, potentially a new player in the smart ring domain. With all these developments and more, let’s dive into this week’s biggest tech news and announcements.

The Week in Tech: iPhone 15 Launch, Expensive Foldable PCs and More

The last week was a whirlwind in the tech industry, with Apple launching its much-anticipated iPhone 15 series and other significant developments such as HP’s costly foldable PC and the influx of new cameras from various companies. If you missed out on these exciting happenings, here’s a roundup of the week’s most important tech announcements.

HP’s High-End Foldable PC

HP, renowned for its superior 2-in-1 laptops, PCs, and tablets, unveiled the HP Spectre Foldable PC this week. This innovative device can transform into a laptop, tablet, or desktop PC, depending on how it’s configured. However, its exorbitant price of $5,000 or £4,999 (approximately AU$7,753) may limit its appeal to a niche market for the time being.

New Cameras Galore

The iPhone 15 launch didn’t overshadow the unveiling of several impressive new cameras. The GFX100 II, launched at the Fujifilm X Summit in Stockholm, stands out as the most potent camera in its class. Panasonic’s latest flagship micro four thirds mirrorless for photographers, the Lumix G9 II, also received positive reviews. Lastly, Blackmagic surprised everyone by releasing its first full-frame 6K video camera at a competitive price.

iRobot’s Intelligent Roombas

iRobot introduced its new Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+ robots, promising to be its smartest yet. These vacuums come with real-time navigation and object recognition, offering improved debris pickup and obstruction avoidance. The Combo j9+ even sports a top-mounted mop storage spot, reducing the risk of a dirty mop catching on carpets.

Samsung’s Foray into Smart Rings

Wearable tech is gaining momentum, and Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is poised to join the race. Although product images or specs haven’t leaked yet, an icon spotted in the official Galaxy Wearable app indicates that the smart ring could be on its way soon.

Apple’s USB-C Adoption

Apple announced that its AirPods Pro 2 and original EarPods would join the USB-C bandwagon. This addition, along with other minor updates, does not increase the price of these products. Rumors suggest that the rest of the AirPods range might also get the USB-C treatment next year.

Powerful Camera on iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max caught attention with its 5x optical zoom. Despite being late to the party, this feature is a significant upgrade for iOS fans. Other enhancements include a larger sensor for its main 24mm camera, the ability to shoot 48MP HEIF files, and a USB-3 port for quick file transfers.

Double Tap Feature on Apple Watch 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 introduced a fascinating new feature called Double Tap. It allows users to access multiple watch features by double-tapping their index finger and thumb, adding a touch of magic to the user experience.

iPhone 15’s USB-C Inclusion Comes with a Catch

Apple’s inclusion of a USB-C port in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus was initially well-received. However, the excitement died down when it was revealed that the port uses the outdated USB 2.0 standard, offering significantly slower data transfer speeds compared to the latest USB 4 technology.


While launching the iPhone 15 series was the highlight of the week, Apple’s decision to use the outdated USB 2.0 standard for its USB-C port was disappointing. On the brighter side, it’s exciting to see the evolution of technology with HP’s high-priced foldable PC, a slew of new cameras, and iRobot’s smart Roombas. The introduction of the double-tap feature in Apple Watch 9 also shows how companies are creatively leveraging technology to enhance user experience.

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