Fujifilm’s Instax Pal Tiny Digital Camera With Later Print Feature

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Breaking away from the traditional all-in-one model, Fujifilm has introduced its latest Instax camera, the Instax Pal, which separates the camera from the printer. This innovative palm-sized 4.9-megapixel camera captures digital photos and allows users to print them using the bundled Instax Mini Link 2 printer. Targeted at users aged 13 and above, the Instax Pal is designed to capture life’s spontaneous moments for photo printing. The camera comes with automatic settings, a wide-angle lens, flash, and offers a variety of shooting methods to cater to a wide range of shooting conditions, from interior to exterior.

The Instax Pal is not just a camera, it’s an experience. With the new Instax Pal app, users can trigger the camera remotely, adjust the exposure, and choose between two quality settings – Rich mode and Natural mode. Once the perfect image is captured, the app offers a bundle of effects and controls for users to enhance their photos before printing. However, it’s important to note that the printing process requires a second Fujifilm app specifically for the printer, which also allows users to print photos from their smartphone’s camera reel.

Fujifilm Debuts Instax Pal: A Palm-Sized Camera With Separate Printer

Fujifilm has revolutionized the Instax line with its latest release, the Instax Pal. This compact 4.9-megapixel camera captures digital photos, which can then be printed via the bundled Instax Mini Link 2 printer. The new groundbreaking model, designed for users aged 13 and up, aims to encapsulate life’s spontaneous moments by making photo printing more accessible and fun.

Small Size, Big Capabilities

The Instax Pal is automatic, equipped with aperture and shutter settings that adapt to a variety of shooting conditions, indoors and outdoors. It features a wide-angle lens and flash, offering diverse shooting methods. Users can trigger the camera manually using the large shutter button at the back, or remotely through the new Instax Pal app. The camera also supports interval shooting, allowing users to capture up to 21 continuous images at three-second intervals.

Innovative Features

The camera incorporates a detachable ring that can be used as a finger strap, a simple viewfinder, or a camera stand for remote shooting. Other features include a speaker for audio prompts, a USB-C port for charging, a microSD card slot capable of holding up to 50 images, and even a tripod screw mount.

The Instax Pal App

The Instax Pal app, accessible via Bluetooth, provides a live view through the camera’s lens for image composition and shutter triggering. Images are then automatically transferred to the app, where users can adjust exposure levels and choose between two quality settings: Rich mode for more vivid, detailed photos, and Natural mode for a softer look. Users can also add a variety of effects such as sepia, cool, vivid, and soft, and control brightness, contrast, cropping, rotation, and more.

Printing and Sharing Made Easy

Despite requiring a second Fujifilm app, printing from the Instax Pal app is straightforward. The printer produces Instax Mini pictures (2.13 x 3.4 inches) in about 15 seconds, with a development time of 1.5 minutes. The quality is on par with other Instax Mini cameras like the SQ40. The second app also allows users to print photos from their smartphone’s camera reel. Photos can be shared with friends via the Pal app or posted on social media, making it a fitting gadget for the social media-focused teen market.

Pricing and Availability

The Instax Pal bundle is set to arrive in late October for $200, while the new Soft Lavender Instax film designed for the bundle is priced at $15.75 for a ten pack. While other Instax Mini models are priced lower, the Instax Pal offers the added convenience of supporting both physical and digital photos and includes a smartphone printer.


The Instax Pal is an exciting development for Fujifilm’s Instax line, with its palm-sized design and separate printer. Its array of features, coupled with the new Instax Pal app, grant users greater flexibility and control over their photography. While the price point might be a hurdle for some, the Instax Pal could be a game-changer for spontaneous, on-the-go photography and instant printing, particularly for the younger demographic.

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