Galaxy S24 Ultra May Ditch Top Camera Yet Samsung Has a Plan

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In a new revelation that sent shockwaves through the tech world, popular tech leaker, Ice Universe, suggested that the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may abandon the line’s iconic 10x periscope camera. This powerful camera feature, a cornerstone of the Galaxy S Ultra line, has been instrumental in securing Samsung’s top-tier position in the competitive landscape of high-end cameraphones. The unique combination of sensors, including the 3x and 10x periscopic zoom, has set Samsung apart, allowing its flagship phone to capture high-quality images at distances far surpassing those of its mainstream competitors.

However, the recent information from Ice Universe has left tech enthusiasts and industry experts puzzled. Why would Samsung choose to omit one of its most distinctive photographic features, especially now, when the competition from Apple is intensifying? The iPhone 15 Pro Max, despite its impressive camera improvements, offers only a 5x zoom, falling short of the capabilities of Samsung’s current flagship. But hope isn’t lost for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as a follow-up post from Ice Universe suggests that the phone will still boast two telephoto lenses, including a 10MP 3x zoom camera and a new, intriguing 50MP 5x zoom camera.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Change Telephoto Lens

On the 19th of September, a leak surfaced from a well-known source, Ice Universe, suggesting that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might abandon the line’s renowned 10x periscope camera. The leaker has since posted additional details about the potential alternatives for the camera system in this new Ultra edition.

The Legacy of Galaxy S Ultra Line’s Camera

The Galaxy S Ultra line has consistently topped the list of best camera phones due to the versatility of its camera setup. The combination of multiple years of enhancement and a variety of sensors, such as two telephoto lenses (a 3x and a 10x periscopic zoom), has enabled Samsung’s top-tier phone to surpass the capabilities of most of its mainstream competitors. Despite improvements to the camera on the new iPhone, the S Ultra line’s 10x zoom still outperforms Apple’s latest offering.

Speculations Surrounding the New Camera Setup

However, the rumor that the Galaxy S24 Ultra might abandon the 10x periscopic telephoto camera has raised questions about Samsung’s strategy, especially considering Apple’s recent advancements in this area. The good news is that a recent update from Ice Universe indicates that the upcoming phone will still feature two telephoto lenses: a 10MP 3x zoom camera and a new 50MP 5x zoom camera.

The reason behind this potential change is not entirely clear, but the incorporation of a larger, high-resolution sensor might play a role. Additionally, aesthetics and ergonomics could be factors. The S24 Ultra might be moving towards a more streamlined design, similar to the recent iPhone 15 Pro Max, which would require abandoning the comparatively bulky 10x camera module.

Potential for 10x Zoom in S24 Ultra

Despite these changes, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may still offer a 10x optical zoom through sensor cropping, a technique used by both the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The rumor suggests the lens behind the 5x zoom will have a higher resolution. If Samsung crops in on that 50MP 5x sensor by a factor of 2, it could still capture a 25MP 10x image, significantly outperforming the S23 Ultra’s 10MP resolution.

Final Thoughts

The impact of these changes on image quality remains to be seen, as higher megapixels do not necessarily translate to better images. We will have to wait for confirmation of Ice Universe’s predictions and a chance to test the S24 Ultra’s new camera hardware ourselves. Regardless, it appears that Samsung is not backing down from its commitment to providing high-quality camera features in its flagship phones.

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