Get Ready for Two New Amazon Fire TV 4K Sticks

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Are you contemplating about upgrading your streaming experience with a new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K? You might want to hold onto that thought for a little longer. Recent regulatory approvals suggest that Amazon is on the verge of introducing two new Fire TV sticks. This development was spotted by renowned tech reporter Janko Roettgers, who noticed that Amazon has submitted two ‘Digital Media Receiver’ devices for FCC approval, a typical precursor to imminent product launches.

While the FCC filings don’t explicitly name the Fire TV Stick, they do provide intriguing clues that hint at new versions of Amazon’s popular streaming stick. The devices submitted for testing were accompanied by a sizable LG accessory, likely a TV or monitor, and a Bluetooth accessory, possibly the Fire TV’s remote control. The key distinguishing factor between the two new models, according to the filings, is that one supports Wi-Fi 6, while the other is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, offering higher speed and lower latency wireless connectivity.

Amazon’s New Fire TV Sticks: What to Expect

Amazon is likely to launch two new Fire TV sticks soon, according to some recent regulatory approvals. This news suggests postponing plans to buy the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, as the tech giant seems to be on the verge of unveiling upgraded models.

FCC Filings Hint at Incoming Models

Tech reporter Janko Roettgers first spotted that Amazon has submitted two ‘Digital Media Receiver’ devices for FCC approval, a significant indication of imminent product launches. Although the filings don’t explicitly mention the Fire TV Stick, they offer several clues suggesting that these are new versions of Amazon’s popular streaming stick. The devices were tested with a large LG accessory (likely a TV or monitor) and a Bluetooth device, presumably the Fire TV’s remote.

Possible Upgraded Models

Speculations are ripe about which Fire TV Sticks these new models might replace. The only discernable difference between the two, as per the filings, is that one is a Wi-Fi 6 device, and the other features Wi-Fi 6E, offering quicker wireless connectivity with lower latency.

As per AFTVnews, this implies the new streaming sticks are 4K models, as the current Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite, both launched in 2020, are seemingly too low-end to incorporate the latest Wi-Fi technology. The present Fire TV Stick 4K Max already supports Wi-Fi 6.

There’s a possibility that the new models could be successors to the first-gen Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Another likely scenario is that Amazon plans to introduce a new Fire TV Stick 4K and a new Lite version, mirroring the lineup for its standard Fire TV Sticks.

Big Reveal on the Horizon

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out more. Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, David Limp, revealed that the tech behemoth would be hosting a significant launch event on September 20. We anticipate the new Fire TV Sticks to be among the announcements.

The Promise of More Free TV Channels

Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks have consistently ranked among the best streaming devices. However, stiff competition from Roku, Google, and Nvidia has nudged them down the pecking order. The advent of FAST TV (free, ad-supported streaming television) has made affordable streaming sticks more desirable.

Amazon Fire TV Sticks were recently updated with tons of free streaming channels. The update brought in a new travel TV section, new shows from the NHL, Xbox and TMZ, plus a minor redesign to facilitate browsing through multiple content categories.

The Verdict

Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks provide an inexpensive avenue to access numerous free, ad-supported TV channels. With hardware upgrades potentially improving performance and wireless connectivity, these new models could rise in the ranks again. Whether you’re an existing user or a prospective buyer, stay tuned for Amazon’s big reveal on September 20.

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