Google Chat Bridges Gap with Slack and Microsoft Teams

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In a landmark move, Google has announced a series of updates for its cloud-based productivity apps, with a significant focus on integrating Duet AI. Among the numerous enhancements, the spotlight shines on Google Chat, which is set to receive a feature that allows for seamless messaging interoperability with other platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. This feature, still in beta on several Workspace plans, is expected to be fully available by early next year, thanks to Google’s collaboration with Mio, a software company specializing in cross-platform communication.

The introduction of this interoperability feature aims to address a persistent challenge faced by organizations that rely on multiple communication apps. Google, in its announcement, acknowledged the issues of missed messages, communication silos, and the frustration of monitoring multiple chat tools. The solution, however, does require Mio licenses. Interestingly, based on a GIF shared by Google, any message edits made in one connected app will be reflected across the others, creating a more streamlined communication experience.

Google Chat Gears up with New Features and Interoperability

Google is rolling out a plethora of updates for its cloud-based productivity applications, with a critical emphasis on integrating Duet AI. Among the numerous updates, Google Chat stands out with some notable functionality enhancements.

Unified Communication with Interoperability

In an ambitious move, Google has launched a feature, currently in beta phase for several Workspace plans, which will enable interoperability between Google Chat and other communication services like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The full-scale deployment of this feature is slated for early next year. This interoperability was achieved in collaboration with Mio, a company specializing in unifying communication tools.

Google outlined in an announcement post, "We know that communication and collaboration happens over multiple channels and tools. This can cause missed messages, silos of communication, and a frustrating experience monitoring multiple chat tools." The tech giant further states that organizations would need Mio licenses to use this feature. Intriguingly, an edited message in one of the connected apps will reflect changes across all other connected platforms, as indicated by a GIF shared by Google.

Voice Messages Coming to Google Chat

As reported by 9to5 Google, Google Chat is also set to support voice messages. This feature will spare users from typing and allow message recipients to grasp the tone and context of the conversation. The expected rollout of this feature is in early 2024.

However, it remains unclear if this feature will be available in group chats as well as one-on-one Direct Messages (DMs). The availability of transcription support right from the launch is another aspect that is yet to be confirmed.


Google’s recent focus on enhancing Google Chat is a clear indication of its intent to compete with other major players in the business communication tools space. The interoperability feature could be a game-changer, allowing organizations to streamline their communication channels. However, the requirement of Mio licenses could be a potential barrier for some organizations. The addition of voice messaging could enhance the user experience but the specifics of its implementation need to be watched out for. Overall, these updates reflect Google’s commitment to creating a more productive and collaborative workspace environment.

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