“Google enhances AI search with summaries, definitions, and coding upgrades”

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Google is making strides in enhancing its Search Generative Experience (SGE) with new updates aimed at helping users better understand and make sense of information on the web. The AI-powered conversational mode in Search now includes features such as definitions for unfamiliar terms, improved coding information across languages, and the ability to tap into SGE while browsing. These updates are designed to assist users in comprehending complex concepts, improving coding skills, and engaging with long-form content from publishers and creators. While Google’s efforts are impressive, it’s worth noting that rival Bing Chat already offers similar features, highlighting the competitive landscape in the AI-powered search space.

Google Enhances AI-Powered Search Experience with New Features

Google is introducing several updates to its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to help users better understand and make sense of the information they find on the web. The new features include tools to see definitions of unfamiliar terms, improve coding skills, and tap into the AI power of SGE while browsing.

Definitions and Related Images

One of the new features allows users to hover over certain words in AI-generated responses and preview their definitions. Users can also view related images or diagrams to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. This feature will be available for subjects like STEM, economics, and history, where users may encounter unfamiliar terms or concepts. Bing Chat offers a similar feature that allows users to highlight text and engage in a conversation to learn more about a topic.

Coding Assistance

For users seeking programming assistance, Google has introduced new capabilities to make it easier to understand and debug generated code. SGE currently provides AI-generated overviews and code snippets, but the update will now color-code code segments with syntax highlights. This will help users identify different elements such as keywords, comments, and strings.

AI-Powered Browsing

An interesting addition to SGE is the ability to tap into its AI power while browsing. This feature, currently in the early experiment stage in Search Labs, allows users to engage with long-form content from publishers and creators more effectively. Users can tap to see an AI-generated list of key points in an article, with links that directly take them to the relevant sections. This feature is reminiscent of Bing Chat’s content highlighting search feature but is powered by AI.

Google’s SGE enhancements aim to provide users with a better understanding of complex concepts, improve coding skills, and make it easier to find relevant information while browsing. These updates follow previous additions to SGE, including related videos and images related to users’ search queries.

In conclusion, Google’s new updates to its Search Generative Experience aim to enhance users’ learning and understanding of information on the web. With features like definitions and related images, coding assistance, and AI-powered browsing, Google is making it easier for users to navigate complex topics and improve their skills. These updates further solidify Google’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly search experience.


Image Credits: Google

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