Google Keep Update Brings Much Awaited Version History Feature

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In a significant yet puzzling update, Google has introduced a new feature to its note-taking app, Google Keep. The app now has a version history function, which aims to save users the tedious task of retyping accidentally deleted text. The feature, however, seems to be in its nascent stages and is gradually being rolled out to users. Currently, this tool allows users to download a text file containing previous versions of their notes and lists, accessible through the Keep web app.

Despite being a long-awaited feature, Google Keep’s version history function is, rather disappointingly, only available on the web version of the app, leaving Android and iOS users in the lurch. Adding to the list of limitations, the new feature is text-only, meaning that any deleted images cannot be recovered. While this is a step forward for Google Keep, it’s bewildering that a tech giant like Google has taken so long to implement such a basic feature, and moreover, in an oddly inconvenient manner.

Google Keep Introduces Version History Feature: A Step in the Right Direction but Not Fully Baked

Google Keep, Google’s note-taking application, is finally introducing a much-anticipated feature – a version history function. However, it seems the feature is not as perfect as users might have hoped for. The new tool is aimed at preventing the need to manually retype accidentally deleted text, but it appears to have some significant limitations in this initial rollout.

Gradual Rollout

According to a Google support page, the new feature allows users to download a text file containing previous versions of their notes and lists. Google is gradually rolling out this function, so it might not yet be available for all users. When live, it can be accessed on the Keep web app, via the three-dot menu at the bottom of a note.

Limited Availability and Functionality

As pointed out by Android Police, the version history feature is only available on the web version of Keep for now. Users will not be able to access previous versions of their notes on the Android or iOS apps at this stage. Additionally, the feature doesn’t support images, meaning that users won’t be able to recover deleted photos from their notes through this option.

Odd Implementation

This version history function seems strangely basic, and it’s surprising that Google hasn’t already incorporated it into Keep, given that similar features have long been available in Google Drive apps. The implementation is also unusual. Unlike in apps like Docs where users can view the version history within the app and revert to a previous version with a simple tap, in Keep, users have to download a file and manually copy the text back.


While the introduction of a version history feature in Google Keep is definitely a positive step, its current limitations and unusual implementation make it less user-friendly than it could be. Hopefully, Google will take user feedback into account and continue to refine and improve this feature. However, even in its current form, it is better than not having the option at all. The addition of this feature is a clear indication that Google is committed to enhancing the user experience and functionality of its note-taking app, which is encouraging news for all Google Keep users.

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