Google’s Oops Moment Leaks Pixel 8 Pro Ahead of iPhone 15 Launch

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In a potential slip-up that has tech enthusiasts buzzing, Google may have inadvertently revealed a photo of the yet-to-be-unveiled Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. The photo, spotted by a Twitter user on Google’s online store, was swiftly removed but not before it was noted that the alt text for the image read: "A person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain." The device, bearing a striking resemblance to previous ‘pro’ models from the tech giant, has not had its launch date announced but a key event has been scheduled for October 4th, raising speculations.

While Google’s faux pas is grabbing headlines, there are other noteworthy developments in the tech world that you may have missed. Garmin’s new Venu 3 smartwatch with a napping detection feature, Samsung’s debut of an ‘AI-powered’ smart recipe app, and Sony’s announcement of two new A7C series cameras offering premium features for less, are all making waves. In the gaming realm, Sony is set to increase the prices of its annual PlayStation Plus plans, while Google’s Duet AI is showcasing its ability to generate emails and documents in different tones.

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Unveiled Ahead of Official Launch

In what seems like a misstep, Google inadvertently published a picture of the soon-to-launch Pixel 8 Pro on the Google Store, just a day after Apple announced the launch of its iPhone 15. The image, spotted by a Twitter user with the handle ‘Android Setting’, depicted a beige-colored phone and although it has since been removed, it gave us a glimpse into what’s to come. The alt text accompanying the image stated: "A person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain."

Familiar, Yet New

The Pixel 8 Pro resembles its predecessors, especially with the camera array on its back. However, the finer details of its design and features remain a mystery as Google has yet to announce an official launch date. There’s a rumored event slated for October 4th, hinting that more information may soon be available.

Tech News Roundup

Aside from the accidental Pixel 8 Pro reveal, here are some other big tech stories you might have missed:

  1. Garmin has introduced a new smartwatch, Venu 3, that can detect when you’re napping.
  2. Samsung has launched an AI-powered recipe app.
  3. Late-night TV hosts have started a podcast called ‘Strike Force Five’ to support striking staff.
  4. Google Chat now integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  5. ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’ will use AI to police toxic voice chats.

PlayStation Plus Plans Price Increase

Sony has announced a price hike for its PlayStation Plus plans, with an increase as high as $40. This follows Microsoft’s plans to raise Game Pass subscription prices. Despite the increase, PS Plus remains generally less expensive than equivalent Game Pass tiers. However, it’s worth noting that Microsoft offers all its first-party games via Game Pass upon their release.

My Takeaways

The accidental reveal of the Google Pixel 8 Pro shows how competitive the smartphone market has become, with companies trying to one-up each other. This incident also highlights the importance of digital assets management, especially when it comes to products yet to be launched. As for Sony’s price hike, it might be a strategy to increase revenue, but it could also alienate some users. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact the tech world in the long run.

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