Hold Off on the iPad 2023 Awaits a Pro Model Upgrade

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As the back-to-school season winds down, Apple’s iPad lineup remains untouched for 2023, leaving technology enthusiasts and consumers in anticipation. While speculations about potential new iPad releases at Apple’s upcoming September 12 event are rife, experts suggest that it might be worth holding off on purchases until 2024. This advice stems from recent reports hinting at a more significant overhaul for the iPad Pro models set to debut in 2024, promising exciting features such as OLED displays, new keyboard accessories, and advanced M3 processors, akin to those expected in the forthcoming Macs.

Apple’s event on September 12 is predicted to showcase the usual suspects – iPhones and Apple Watches. However, a potential update to the entry-level iPad lineup could also be on the cards, either in the form of an upgraded 10th-gen model or a new iPad Air. While the current iPad Pro lineup boasts impressive features, its steep starting price of $800 (excluding accessories) may deter some potential buyers. For those contemplating investing in a high-end iPad, it might be prudent to delay the splurge.

Waiting for the Perfect iPad? Maybe Wait Until 2024

Apple’s iPad lineup hasn’t seen any new additions in 2023, despite the back-to-school season coming to a close. And even with the possibility of new iPads at Apple’s upcoming Sept. 12 event, experts suggest it might be best to hold off on purchasing until 2024.

The 2023 iPad Scene: Minor Upgrades Expected for Midrange Models

Reliable Apple reporter Mark Gurman from Bloomberg predicts a new line of iPad Pro models set to launch in 2024, showcasing a wider range of updates than the high-end tablet lineup has seen in years. The current iPad Pro lineup, with prices starting at $800 without accessories, might seem a bit steep for casual users. However, those seeking a more affordable iPad might be interested in minor upgrades expected this fall.

Potential upgrades to the iPad Air could include an improved M2 processor and a better front camera placement for video chats. If you fall into the latter category, this fall might be a good time for shopping, as the release of the next midrange iPad is likely to trigger sales on older models.

A Glimpse into the 2024 iPad Pro

Gurman’s newsletter gave insights into the 2024 iPad Pro models. Expected to shift to OLED displays instead of Mini LED, this move could deliver better contrast ratios, HDR, and more dynamic color. An upgrade to Apple’s still-unreleased but expected M3 processor should provide another performance boost.

Moreover, a design change is expected for Apple’s own Magic Keyboard accessory. It may connect and open more like a regular laptop, and have a larger trackpad. These changes, while not groundbreaking, could be welcome upgrades that may result in a reevaluation of the rest of the iPad lineup.

A Question of the iPadOS Evolution

Apple’s iPadOS 17, set to launch this fall, offers improved multitasking, subtle additions, and customizable home screens. But, it seems like more of the same. While the iPad Pro is already powerful, there’s a possibility that Apple could move the iPad Pro lineup further into Mac-esque territory, depending more on software changes rather than hardware.

The Hunt for the Perfect iPad Continues

In the current scenario, there’s no "perfect" iPad. The most affordable iPad has outdated features, and the 10th-gen iPad, while closer to perfection, still uses the older first-gen Pencil. The iPad Air and Pro models lack the improved front camera placement of the 10th-gen model, which is a significant advantage for video chats.

So, if you’re holding out for a truly "new" iPad, 2023 might not be your year. But, if you’re budget shopping, you might not be too concerned about these upgrades.


While it’s always hard to wait, consumers seeking significant upgrades should hold out until 2024, according to Gurman’s predictions. The expected OLED displays, M3 chip, and new keyboard design could make the wait worthwhile. On the other hand, those looking for more affordable options might benefit from the minor upgrades expected later this year. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual needs and budget constraints.

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