Hyundai Construction Strikes Big with Saudi and Argentina Deals

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Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., a key unit of South Korea’s multifaceted conglomerate HD Hyundai Group, has successfully secured orders to supply its construction machinery for two major international projects. The deals involve Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Neom megacity project and Argentina’s strategic lithium mine excavation plan, highlighting Hyundai’s growing global influence in the construction equipment sector.

The company is set to deliver 23 pieces of construction equipment, including six excavators and three wheel loaders, to a lithium mine in Argentina’s northwestern Salta province by end of this month. Meanwhile, it has already fulfilled an order for 50 equipment products, including hefty 40-ton excavators and large wheel loaders, for the construction of The Line – a centerpiece of Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion Neom project. The Line, a 170-kilometer-long city, is expected to accommodate up to 9 million residents, underlining the scale and significance of Hyundai’s involvement.

HD Hyundai Lands Major International Deals

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Co. has announced two significant overseas contracts. The South Korean firm, a division of the HD Hyundai Group, will be supplying its construction equipment to Saudi Arabia’s Neom megacity project and Argentina’s lithium mine excavation initiative.

Argentina’s Lithium Mining Project

HD Hyundai has been tasked with supplying 23 pieces of construction equipment for a lithium mine project in Salta, a northwestern province of Argentina. The delivery, scheduled for completion by the end of this month, includes six excavators and three wheel loaders. This deal underscores the company’s competitiveness in Latin American mining markets, which have been witnessing a surge in demand for key raw materials needed for rechargeable batteries.

Saudi Arabia’s Neom Megacity Project

In a separate contract, HD Hyundai has already delivered 50 pieces of equipment for the construction of The Line, a key feature of Saudi Arabia’s Neom project. This massive undertaking, which will eventually accommodate up to 9 million residents, is an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion mega project. The equipment supplied includes 12 40-ton excavators and several large-sized wheel loaders.

A Strategic Move

These latest deals highlight HD Hyundai’s strategic focus on expanding its footprint in Latin American mining markets and Middle Eastern construction sectors. Both regions are witnessing a surge in large construction and mining projects, presenting attractive opportunities for firms like HD Hyundai. While the company did not disclose the financial details of these deals, the sheer scale of the projects suggests a significant boost for the firm’s international portfolio.


HD Hyundai’s recent deals in Argentina and Saudi Arabia exemplify the company’s strategic focus on key growth markets. The firm’s ability to secure such high-profile contracts underscores its strong reputation in the global construction equipment sector. As demand for raw materials and large-scale construction projects continue to rise, companies like HD Hyundai are well-positioned to capitalize on these trends.

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