Insiders Suspected in $198M Copper Heist at Europe’s Top Producer

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In a shocking revelation, Aurubis AG, Europe’s leading copper producer, has recently announced it was the victim of a massive theft amounting to nearly $200 million worth of copper. With an extraordinary inventory carried out in August revealing a €185 million (around $198 million) metals shortage, the Hamburg-based company suspects that insiders may have played a key role in this grand-scale heist. The company has also identified that it had paid inflated invoices for scrap metal and other input materials for its copper production, based on manipulated samples.

This scandal comes as a severe blow to the company, which generated $18 billion in revenue last year, and had already been grappling with "serious indications" of a shortfall in its metal products. The news of the theft sent shockwaves through the market, causing shares in the copper maker to plunge as much as 15% following the announcement. Aurubis CEO Roland Harings stated, "We are working closely with the investigative authorities and at full speed to get to the bottom of the criminal activities."

Major Copper Theft at Europe’s Largest Producer

Europe’s largest copper producer, Aurubis AG, recently announced that it has been the victim of a significant theft, which saw the company lose nearly $200 million worth of the base metal. The company suspects that insiders may have been involved in the heist.

Inflated Invoices and Manipulated Samples

Aurubis discovered the theft after conducting an extraordinary inventory in August, revealing a staggering shortfall of €185 million (around $198 million) worth of metals. It appears that the company paid inflated invoices for scrap metal and other input materials required for copper production, based on manipulated samples. The group, which generated a whopping $18 billion in revenue last year, had already hinted at "serious indications" of a shortfall in its metal products in August, which led to a drop in profit targets. This revelation led to the company’s shares plummeting by as much as 15%, although they have since slightly recovered.

Swift Actions and Ongoing Investigations

Aurubis CEO, Roland Harings, stated in a press release that the company is working closely with investigative authorities to uncover the criminal activities. The company has mustered all necessary internal resources and is also utilizing external forensic specialists. The company has managed to partially offset the losses from the theft through a $30 million insurance payout and by seizing the assets of the criminals involved. The identity of these criminals remains unclear, and investigations by Germany’s State Office of Criminal Investigation are ongoing.

Previous Criminal Activities and Market Response

Interestingly, in June, Aurubis disclosed that it had been the target of "past criminal activities,” with investigations focusing on past and present employees of the company as well as external employees working at the group’s site. This led to €20 million worth of arrest warrants. Despite these occurrences, the company reassured investors that it had no role in any illicit activities. Whether these past criminal activities bear any connection to the recent theft remains to be seen.

Impact on the Commodities Market

This theft incident at Aurubis is the latest in a series of high-profile heists that have sparked concerns over the security of shipping infrastructure among metal traders. The commodities trading market, riddled with a high level of bureaucracy and paperwork, is often viewed as ripe for corruption, with insiders having access to important records. The impact of this theft on suppliers is still being investigated.


The Aurubis case is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities within the commodities market, especially concerning the potential for insider involvement in major thefts. Companies need to place greater emphasis on tightening security measures, improving transparency, and conducting regular audits to prevent such incidents. Furthermore, the market response to the theft at Aurubis shows the sensitivity of investors to such incidents, indicating a need for companies to manage these crises effectively to maintain investor confidence.

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