iPad Air 6 Landing Soon Exclusive Apple Release of 2023

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As the world eagerly awaits the launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 line at their September event, there’s another highly anticipated gadget that’s set to make a splash in the tech world. According to MacRumors, the iPad Air 6, whose arrival is rumored for October, is poised to be the next big thing from the tech giant. This information comes from an undisclosed source on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, who has a reputed track record for accurate Apple leaks. However, the source’s username and the post link remain undisclosed, leaving us to rely on the credibility of MacRumors.

The Weibo source also suggests that only the iPad Air series will see an update this year, with no new models for the mini and Pro lines. This might disappoint fans who were hoping for a new iPad Pro, as they will likely have to wait until 2024. An October launch for the iPad Air 6 aligns well with previous release patterns, falling approximately 18 months after the release of the iPad Air (2022), which in turn launched about 18 months after the iPad Air 4 (2020).

Apple iPad Air 6 Anticipated for October Release

In the wake of the much-anticipated iPhone 15 line launch set for Apple’s September event, iPad enthusiasts might not have to wait too long for a new addition to the family. According to rumors, the iPad Air 6 is projected to make its debut in October.

A Reliable Hint From the East

The information comes from a post on the Chinese site Weibo, reported by MacRumors. The source has a reputable track record for accurately predicting Apple’s plans, as per MacRumors. However, no direct link or username was provided, so we may have to take this prediction at face value.

The Weibo source also stated that only the iPad Air series is expected to receive updates this year, implying that there will be no new iPad Mini or Pro in the pipeline. If you were hoping for a new iPad Pro, it seems likely you’ll have to wait until 2024. This timeline aligns with recent leaks within the industry.

The Timing Makes Sense

An October release for the iPad Air 6 seems plausible, considering it would be approximately 18 months following the previous iPad Air (2022) release. The iPad Air (2022) itself was launched roughly 18 months after the iPad Air 4 (2020).

This timeline is further supported by Mark Gurman on the latest edition of The MacRumors Show podcast. Gurman, known for his accurate Apple leak predictions, stated that the iPad Air 6 was "coming soonish," with October being a likely candidate.

A Quiet Launch Expected

If the iPad Air 6 does arrive in October, don’t anticipate a grand launch event. Apple is more likely to announce the release through a simple press release. This approach aligns with Gurman’s prediction and appears sensible, considering hosting two major events within two months would be excessive.

Although other devices could potentially be announced alongside the iPad Air 6, they are unlikely to be as exciting as the iPhone 15 line. Therefore, a press release should suffice to cover the launch.

Power-Packed Performance Potential

As for the rumored iPad Air 6’s specifications, early leaks suggest it could be powered by an M2 chipset, similar to the iPad Pro 12.9 (2022). If this is the case, the device could be quite powerful and a strong contender for the best iPads list.


Given the information available, it seems quite likely that Apple would release the iPad Air 6 in October. However, without any official confirmation or substantial leaks, this remains speculation. The suspected M2 chipset could make it a powerful device, but until it’s released, we can only guess about its potential. As always, Apple has a knack for surprising its customer base, so it’s best to stay tuned for the official announcement.

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