iPhone 15 Outsmarts Battery Woes with Two New Tricks

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, Apple’s most recent flagship phones, the iPhone 15, have proven to be an enticing blend of hardware and software capabilities. Notably, these models come equipped with innovative features designed to preserve and enhance battery health, thereby extending the device’s overall lifespan. According to MacRumors, each iPhone 15 model includes a new setting that restricts the device from charging beyond 80%, a significant addition to the existing Optimized Battery Charging feature. This feature allows iOS to determine when to charge the battery past 80%, based on the device’s charging history.

This advancement in battery health management is a game-changer in the mobile industry. Overcharging a phone battery can lead to chemical aging, causing wear and tear that can deteriorate the battery health. By limiting the charging to 80%, Apple aims to reduce this damage, thus maintaining the battery’s health for a longer period. To access this feature, users simply need to navigate through the iOS 17 settings to the Battery, Battery Health & Charging, and then Charging Optimization. Despite the new feature’s apparent benefits, there’s ongoing debate about its functionality and effectiveness.

Preserving Battery Health: Apple’s New Approach

Apple’s latest flagship phones, the iPhone 15 series, are a harmonious blend of hardware and software expertise. Not only do they boast new key features, but they also introduce innovative ways of preserving battery health.

Charging Limitations for Prolonged Battery Health

According to MacRumors, the new models include a setting that prevents the phone from being charged above 80%. This complements the pre-existing ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ feature, where iOS selectively charges the battery beyond 80% based on the device’s charging history.

The rationale behind this is simple: reducing the duration a phone battery is fully charged can mitigate the wear and tear associated with chemical aging, prolonging the battery health. This new option can be accessed in iOS 17 under Settings, then Battery, Battery Health & Charging, and finally Charging Optimization.

Additional Battery Health Information

But there’s more. The iPhone 15 models also provide extra insights about battery health. This includes new data on the number of charge cycles the phone has undergone, the battery’s manufacturing date, and its first use date. This additional information could prove useful in monitoring your phone battery’s health over time.

A Response to Previous Battery Health Concerns

These new features are likely Apple’s response to user complaints about the iPhone 14’s battery health. There have been reports of faster battery performance deterioration compared to the iPhone 13. It will be interesting to observe how the iPhone 15 series fares over time with these new features.

Unfortunately, these new features have not yet been rolled out to older iPhones, even those running on iOS 17. Apple has not provided an official comment on this, leaving room for speculation on why these features are exclusive to the newest models.


Apple’s new approach to preserving battery health is a significant step forward. The introduction of an 80% charging limit and additional battery health data provides users with more control and insight into their device’s performance. While it remains to be seen how effective these features are in practice, they indicate Apple’s commitment to addressing user concerns and enhancing the longevity of their devices.

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