iPhone 15 Rumored to Boost Charging Speeds

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In a world where every second counts, Apple may be about to deliver a game-changer in the form of faster charging for its new iPhone. According to industry rumors, the tech giant’s fall product launch is expected to introduce an iPhone with a USB-C charging port and the capability to support significantly faster charging speeds. These rumors, while yet to be confirmed by Apple, emanate from the tech blog 9to5Mac, which has a reliable track record of accurate Apple predictions.

The new iPhone, potentially named the iPhone 15, may be compatible with a 35-watt charger, a notable upgrade from the 20-watt charger used for the iPhone 14. This could drastically reduce charging time, giving users more power in less time. However, even with this improvement, Apple still lags behind its competitors, with brands like Samsung offering "superfast charging" with special 45-watt chargers. Despite this, Apple’s devices continue to impress in terms of battery life, often outperforming competitors in endurance tests.

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone to Feature Faster Charging, Say Rumors

Apple’s eagerly anticipated autumn product launch is expected to feature a new iPhone, and the rumor mill suggests it could support faster charging.

Making the Switch to USB-C

According to tech blog 9to5Mac — known for its reliable insider information — the forthcoming iPhone will transition from Apple’s proprietary Lightning charging port to the more universally recognized USB-C. The blog’s sources, who wished to remain anonymous, also indicate that some models will support accelerated charging speeds. Apple has yet to comment on these speculations.

A Faster Charge for the iPhone 15

Insiders suggest the iPhone 15 could be compatible with a powerful 35-watt charger, enabling quicker battery rejuvenation. For comparison, Apple currently advises users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to avoid wired chargers exceeding 27 watts, while iPhone 14 users should limit their chargers to 20 watts. A 20-watt charger can fully revive an iPhone 14 in just an hour. The exact charging speed of the 35-watt charger with the iPhone 15 series remains a mystery.

Balancing Power and Safety

It’s crucial to note that pairing iPhones with chargers that exceed the recommended wattage can lead to overheating and potential battery damage. This caution is why Apple provides specific wattage guidance for each of its devices.

Still Lagging Behind Competitors

Despite the promising increase to 35 watts, the iPhone 15’s charging speed still lags behind that of rival flagship models. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Series, for example, can handle "superfast charging" with special 45-watt chargers.

Impressive Battery Life Nonetheless

While Apple may not lead in charging speed, its devices continue to impress with long-lasting battery life. In a March test conducted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone 14 Pro Max outlasted the S23 Ultra, despite the latter’s larger battery capacity. The iPhone 14 Pro Max managed to hold on for an extra 38 minutes, clocking in at over 27 hours of life.


The rumored switch to USB-C and faster charging capability in the upcoming iPhone 15 are significant developments. However, Apple’s emphasis on safe wattage suggests a balanced approach to improved functionality and device longevity. Despite lagging behind competitors in charging speed, Apple continues to shine in battery life, providing users with reliable and enduring performance. The upcoming product launch promises exciting enhancements for iPhone users.

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