iPhone 15 Rumors Stir Controversy Among Apple Loyalists

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Apple enthusiasts, mark your calendars for September 12, as the tech giant is set to host its next big event, where the much-anticipated iPhone 15 models are expected to be unveiled. However, this year’s release comes with a twist; customers aiming for the top-tier Pro models might have to dig deeper into their pockets than ever before. Analysts predict an increase of $100 to $200 in the cost of the Pro models, and with the reported shift from the proprietary Lightning port to USB-C, many users may face additional expenses for new charging accessories.

The changes in the iPhone 15, however, extend beyond just pricing and charging ports. The best camera feature is said to be exclusive to the most expensive plus-size model, potentially causing dissatisfaction among Apple’s broad customer base. The introduction of a new side button, the switch in charging ports, and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Vision Pro are all factors that could provoke more critique at this event than in previous years. The tagline for this year’s event, ‘Wonderlust’, raises the question: Can Apple still ignite a sense of wonder and awe among its fans, especially in the wake of their shift from live, on-stage product reveals to safe, pre-recorded presentations?

Apple’s Upcoming Event: Potential Surprises and Criticisms

Apple is gearing up for its big event on September 12, where the tech giant is expected to unveil the new iPhone 15 models. However, this year’s reveal might be a mixed bag for Apple fans, as it comes with both exciting new features and potential hurdles.

Pricey Pros and Accessory Additions

The cost of the Pro models is predicted to see a significant hike, with analysts suggesting an increase of $100 to $200. This rise in price, coupled with the required purchase of new charging accessories, could make this year’s iPhone the most expensive yet. The reason for the accessory change? Apple is rumored to be replacing its long-standing proprietary Lightning port with a USB-C.

Potential Pitfalls and Criticisms

While the price tag alone could deter some customers, other reported changes might also ruffle some feathers. For instance, Apple’s top-of-the-line camera is said to be exclusive to the most expensive, plus-size model. This could trigger dissatisfaction among customers who wish to enjoy high-quality photography without the hefty price tag.

The reported charging port change could also lead to households juggling multiple cords, adding to potential frustrations. A new side button provides another element for critics to scrutinize. To top it off, questions about the future of the Vision Pro add another layer of uncertainty, indicating this iPhone unveiling could face more criticism than previous events.

Wonderlust: Can Apple Wow its Audience?

Apple has intriguingly teased this event with the tagline "Wonderlust." The question remains, can Apple deliver a vision of future tech that lives up to this name? Over recent years, Apple executives have shifted from live product reveals to pre-recorded presentations. This event will be a litmus test to see if Apple can still ignite wonder and awe among its fan base through this format.


Apple’s upcoming event is indeed fraught with potential controversies and criticisms. The higher price tag, the need for new accessories, and the exclusive features on the more expensive models could be points of contention. However, Apple has always been a company that pushes boundaries and catalyzes change. The shift to pre-recorded presentations could also be an opportunity for them to refine their reveals and deliver a highly polished and compelling narrative. Ultimately, the success of the event will hinge on how well Apple manages to balance these elements and deliver a product that truly embodies the spirit of "Wonderlust.".

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