Major iPad Pro Upgrade in Apple’s 2022 Blueprint

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"Apple is set to revitalize its iPad Pro lineup in a big way come 2024, with a host of groundbreaking updates that could reignite consumer interest in the tech giant’s premium tablet range. According to a Bloomberg report, these updates include a new Magic Keyboard, the introduction of the M3 chip, and enhanced displays that promise to be brighter and sharper than ever before. This move comes at a crucial time for Apple, as demand for their tablets has seen a slump in recent years, prompting the company to innovate in a bid to regain consumer interest.

This iPad Pro overhaul represents the first major revamp for the range since 2018, and it’s a change that’s been a long time coming. The subtle upgrades of recent years, such as improved cameras and sensors, have done little to counteract the dwindling sales figures. However, these upcoming changes, particularly the new Magic Keyboard, the M3 chip, and OLED display, could be the game-changer the company needs to boost sales and inspire consumers to invest in a premium tablet upgrade."

Major Updates Planned for iPad Pro in 2024: Magic Keyboard, M3 Chip and More

Apple Inc. has some exciting developments in store for their iPad Pro lineup in 2024, with a significant refresh not seen since 2018. According to a Bloomberg report, the tech giant is planning a series of major updates that include a new Magic Keyboard, transition to the M3 chip, and brighter, sharper displays, aiming to rekindle consumer interest and boost sluggish sales figures.

The First Major Overhaul Since 2018

Recent years have seen only incremental changes to Apple’s iPad lineup, with improvements largely focusing on enhanced cameras and sensors. However, the proposed overhaul of the iPad Pro in 2024 represents a significant departure from this pattern. This major upgrade, the first of its kind since 2018, is expected to stimulate iPad sales, which have dropped to their lowest point since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As a case in point, iPad revenue suffered a 20% YoY decline during the fiscal third quarter.

New Features Aim to Entice Consumers

The proposed updates are designed to encourage consumers to invest in the new iPad Pro, which is Apple’s most premium tablet offering. One major change is the introduction of a new Magic Keyboard, first unveiled by Apple in 2020. This revamped accessory features a larger trackpad, aiming to provide a more laptop-like user experience.

Moreover, the updated iPad Pro will also be the first tablet from Apple’s stable to feature an M3 chip and OLED display, a standard feature in iPhones since 2017. This technological upgrade would deliver enhanced performance and a sharper, brighter display, adding to the device’s appeal.

Size Variations and Launch Date

The new iPad Pro will be available in two sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch, the latter being slightly larger than the current 12.9-inch model. However, those keen on getting their hands on the updated device will have to wait a bit longer. The 2024 iPad Pro will not be announced during Apple’s upcoming launch event in September, but will make its debut in spring or summer of 2024.


The proposed updates to the iPad Pro in 2024 represent a significant step by Apple to rejuvenate a product line that has seen waning interest in recent years. With a new Magic Keyboard, an M3 chip, and an OLED display, Apple is seeking to position the iPad Pro as a premium device that offers a compelling blend of portability and performance. Whether these changes will boost sales as expected remains to be seen, but it certainly marks a noteworthy development in Apple’s product evolution.

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