Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 Anticipation Builds Ahead of Surface Event

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As the tech world eagerly anticipates Microsoft’s "special event" on September 21 in New York City, rumors of a hardware-heavy lineup have been doing the rounds. The event is speculated to witness the launch of several new devices, including the Surface Go 4, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and potentially, the revival of the Surface Laptop Go line with the introduction of Surface Laptop Go 3. If these rumors hold, it could mark an exciting milestone for Microsoft, especially considering that these product lines haven’t seen significant updates in the recent year.

The Surface Laptop Go series, in particular, has been under the radar since the launch of the Surface Laptop Go 2 in June 2022. Despite being an impressive budget laptop boasting premium features, the line has not received the attention it deserves. With the cost of living crisis still looming, the potential comeback of Surface Laptop Go 3 could be a game-changer for Microsoft. However, the question remains: will Microsoft manage to reinvent this budget laptop sufficiently to compete with the best offerings in the market?

Microsoft’s Special Event: New Wave of Surface Devices Rumored

Microsoft is stirring up excitement with its upcoming "special event" rumored to be held on September 21 in New York City. Speculations are rife about potential launches of new devices like the Surface Go 4, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and potentially the Surface Laptop Go 3. These new entries would boost the Go, Laptop Studio, and Laptop Go product lines, which have seen little activity in the past year.

Is the Surface Laptop Go Making a Comeback?

The Surface Laptop Go, which hasn’t received much attention since the Surface Laptop Go 2’s release in June 2022, is in focus again. Many are wondering if Microsoft has decided to discontinue the product line, which was silent throughout June 2023. The Surface Laptop Go has been a prime example of a budget laptop with premium features, and its potential comeback could be a boon for those seeking affordable options amidst the cost of living crisis.

The question is not just about the Surface Laptop Go 3’s return but also about Microsoft’s strategies to reinvent it to be competitive with the best laptop offerings in the market. Ideally, the updated version should maintain excellent build quality and stylish design, but with an improved webcam and a better, higher resolution display.

Surface Laptop Go 3: Price, Release Date, and Design Expectations

The original Surface Laptop Go, released in October 2020, was priced affordably starting at $549 / £549 / AU$999. The Laptop Go 2 saw a small increase in price, which was met with disappointment as it did not introduce significant improvements to justify the cost. If the Laptop Go 3 is launched, it may carry a slightly higher price tag, provided it delivers necessary improvements in display, webcam, and specifications.

Rumors suggest a possible unveiling at the Microsoft Surface event on September 21, followed by a release in September or October 2023. However, nothing is confirmed until Microsoft makes an official announcement.

Design-wise, there isn’t much information available yet. Windows Central reports potential AI enhancements like improved microphone quality with Voice Clarity and Voice Focus. The Surface Laptop Go line is known for its premium build quality and stylish design despite its lower price, and we hope to see this trend continue with the Laptop Go 3.

Surface Laptop Go 3: Expected Specs and Performance

According to Windows Central, the Surface Laptop Go 3 might be powered by last year’s Intel chips, which aligns with the budget laptop’s tradition of using previous-generation processors. This could lead to improved battery life over the Laptop Go 2’s 13.5-hour capacity. The Surface Laptop Go 3 is rumored to offer 8GB and 16GB RAM options, with storage starting at 256GB SSD.

As we wait for more information, leaks, and speculations, the potential comeback of the Surface Laptop Go line is an exciting prospect. If executed well, it could offer a compelling choice for consumers looking for a balance between price and performance.


Microsoft’s rumored launch of new Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop Go 3, could shake up the laptop market. The Surface Laptop Go line has a reputation for offering premium features at budget prices, and a well-executed update to the line could offer consumers a competitive alternative in the market. However, Microsoft will need to ensure that any price increase is justified with significant improvements in features and performance.

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