MLB Tests Facial Authentication for Smoother Fan Entries

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In a bold stride towards the future of sports entertainment, Major League Baseball (MLB) has initiated testing for a facial authentication-based entry system that promises to revolutionize the way fans enter stadiums. This innovative system, dubbed ‘Go-Ahead Entry’, aims to eliminate the need for physical or electronic tickets, making the entry process smoother and faster. Launched in partnership with the Philadelphia Phillies, the pilot program guarantees no compromise on safety and security, despite concerns raised after recent incidents at other stadiums.

The Go-Ahead Entry system utilizes existing contact-less security protocols, allowing fans to bypass traditional entry procedures by simply walking past a facial scan camera. This technology, paired with the MLB Ballpark app, offers a hands-free entry experience to ballpark attendees, adding a new level of convenience to the game-day experience. The system leverages artificial intelligence sensor technology from Evolv, eliminating the need for fans to remove personal items for security checks. With successful implementation, this could mark a significant shift in how sports events handle security and access control.

Facial Authentication Pilot Program by MLB for Stadium Entries

Major League Baseball is piloting a new method of entry into stadiums for ticketed fans. The Philadelphia Phillies have partnered with MLB to test a program called Go-Ahead Entry, which uses facial authentication to grant access. This program, which has been in the works for over two years, was launched on August 21.

A Smoother Process for Fans

The Go-Ahead Entry program allows fans to enter the stadium without the hassle of scanning bar codes or queuing up at entry gates. Fans can simply take a selfie through the MLB Ballpark app, walk past a facial scan camera, and proceed towards their seats. Fans have shown enthusiasm for this new entry method, which leverages existing contact-less security protocols.

Advanced Security with Go-Ahead Entry

The security aspect of this program is handled by Evolv Technology. It uses AI sensor technology to expedite the entry process, eliminating the need to remove personal items for security screening. This technology is already used at several other stadiums, including Fenway Park and SoFi Stadium.

High User Adoption and Positive Feedback

Fans have eagerly adopted the Go-Ahead Entry program. More than 7,000 fans enrolled for the program ahead of a three-game series against the Angels. One fan compared the convenience of the program to an E-ZPass for humans, appreciating how it makes entry into the stadium a breeze.

Privacy and Security Considerations

MLB has clarified that the fans’ photos used for authentication are instantly deleted and are not connected to any security system. The usage of facial authentication is completely optional. The purpose of the program is to provide a faster and more frictionless experience for fans.


The Go-Ahead entry program is an innovative step towards enhancing the stadium experience for fans. By leveraging facial authentication technology, MLB is providing a faster and more convenient entry process. The positive response from fans indicates the potential for wider adoption of this technology in the future. However, the successful implementation of this program will depend on MLB’s ability to maintain user privacy and security while providing a seamless experience.

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