MS Paint Revamped with Advanced Editing Features After 38 Years

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A new era is dawning for the beloved Microsoft Paint App. After a remarkable 38 years, Microsoft is finally revamping its classic Paint App, enhancing it with modern features like image transparency and layers support. This iconic digital canvas, which for many of us evokes a wave of nostalgia and memories of our first foray into digital artistry, is getting a significant upgrade to cater to more advanced image editing needs. In a recent blog post, Dave Grochocki, Principal Product Manager for Windows Inbox Apps, unveiled these exciting new additions, hinting at the fresh possibilities they offer.

This transformation of the Paint App signifies a significant leap from its humble beginnings. Originally equipped with just a pencil, brushes, and a limited color palette, the app now promises a more sophisticated, multi-dimensional editing experience. According to Grochocki, the combination of layers, transparency, and other tools can be used to create striking new images and artwork. The layering feature, coupled with the new background removal tool, allows users to create complex layered compositions swiftly and easily. However, as of now, this update is exclusively available to users enlisted for Windows Insider software builds, with a broader rollout anticipated soon.

Microsoft Paint Gets a Makeover: Adds Layers and Transparency

Microsoft, a tech giant renowned for its software products, has just announced a significant update to the iconic Paint app. After a long 38 years, the company is now adding support for image transparency and layers to the app, transforming it from a simple doodling tool into a more advanced image editing platform.

A Nostalgic Tool with New Possibilities

For many, Microsoft Paint is a nostalgic tool, reminiscent of hours spent trying to create digital masterpieces with a limited palette of colors and basic tools. Now, Microsoft is enhancing this beloved app with features that will enable more advanced image editing. Dave Grochocki, Principal Product Manager for Windows Inbox Apps, shared the news in a blog post, expressing excitement over the new possibilities that these features will provide.

"Combining layers, transparency, and other tools in Paint can lead to the creation of exciting new images and artwork. With the new background removal feature, users can easily create interesting layered compositions," Grochocki said.

Getting Started with the New Features

To access these new features, users will need to select the new layer option in the toolbar. This will open a side panel on the canvas, where users can manage layers by hiding, duplicating, merging, or deleting them, much like in other sophisticated photo editing software. However, this update is currently only available to users who receive Windows Insider software builds. It’s expected that these features will be rolled out to all Windows users soon.

A Promising Future for MS Paint

While this update may not be groundbreaking, it will certainly be useful for those still using MS Paint. The addition of layers and transparency brings Paint closer to the capabilities of more advanced image editors. And it seems Microsoft is committed to keeping the Paint app alive and updated, ensuring it remains a constant in the ever-evolving tech world.


The update to Microsoft Paint is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience, even with its older tools. By adding features commonly found in more advanced photo editing software, Microsoft is ensuring that Paint remains relevant in today’s digital age. It’s a welcome update for those who grew up with the app and are familiar with its interface, as well as for new users who are looking for a simple yet effective image editing tool.

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