Oladance OWS Pro Sets New Benchmark in Open-Ear Earbud Market

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Oladance, a company that emerged on the tech scene in 2022, has made significant strides in the burgeoning world of open-ear earbuds. Within a span of barely 18 months, the company has launched three products, each one seemingly more impressive than the last. Their latest offering, the $230 Oladance OWS Pro, is a stylish set of earbuds that effortlessly blend futuristic design with fashion-forward aesthetics. These earbuds also address some of the minor critiques levelled against the company’s first product, the Oladance Wearable Stereo (OWS).

The stakes are undeniably high for Oladance as it seeks to solidify its foothold in the open-ear category. Despite Bose, the pioneer of the open-ear earbuds category, stepping back, there’s no dearth of competition. Established brands like Cleer Audio, JVC, OneOdio, Soundpeats, and Shokz are vying for dominance, while newcomers like France’s Attitud and Japan’s NWM are keen to make their mark. Oladance seeks to maintain its lead with its distinct style and innovative tech features in the OWS Pro, including a rechargeable case, Bluetooth multipoint, and a unique form of noise-canceling designed specifically for open-ear applications. Whether these features justify the hefty $230 price tag is something we’ll delve into further.

Oladance OWS Pro: The Next Generation of Open-Ear Earbuds

Oladance, a company that was virtually unknown before 2022, is making waves in the open-ear earbuds market. In just 18 months, Oladance has released three products, including the Oladance OWS Pro. Retailing at $230, these sleek earbuds are both futuristic and fashionable, and they seem to address some of the critiques of the company’s first product, the Oladance Wearable Stereo (OWS).

A Competitive Market

Despite Bose, the creator of the open-ear category, abandoning the field, other brands such as Cleer Audio, JVC, OneOdio, Soundpeats, Shokz, and newcomers like France’s Attitud and Japan’s NWM are rushing in to fill the vacuum. To maintain its lead, Oladance offers unique style and in-demand tech features in the OWS Pro. These include a recharging case, Bluetooth multipoint, and a novel form of noise-canceling designed specifically for open-ear applications. But are these features enough to justify the $230 price tag, a $50 premium over the Shokz OpenFit?

Understanding Open-Ear Earbuds

Open-ear earbuds are significantly different from other wireless earbuds which are often fully closed or semi-open. Open-ear earbuds don’t cover the opening of your ear canals. Instead, their speakers sit on the outside of your ears, projecting sound into your ear canals. This design provides better comfort and an unobstructed ability to hear the outside world. However, the openness also leads to a major drawback: competing sounds can drown out your music, calls, or podcasts.

The OWS Pro Design and Comfort

The OWS Pro earbuds are similar to the Shokz OpenFit in shape, featuring an ergonomic loop that fits around the top of your ear and an elongated battery section that doubles as a counterweight for the speaker pod. They come in five metallic finishes and are housed in a matching charging case. The earbuds offer all-day comfort and a secure fit, making them ideal for use during workouts. However, they may not fit securely for those with smaller ears. They also may interfere with the limbs of glasses, depending on their shape.

Noise Control and Sound Quality

The OWS Pro features a focus mode that reduces higher-pitched frequencies, making it easier to concentrate in noisy environments. While it doesn’t eliminate all outside noise, it’s a clever workaround. The OWS Pro earbuds offer the best sound quality among open-ear earbuds currently on the market. They provide a powerful sound, impressive bass response, and a wide soundstage. However, they may not deliver the same sound performance in noisy environments.

Unique Features and Battery Life

The OWS Pro earbuds feature pressure-sensitive pinch controls, similar to the Apple AirPods Pro, and support for Bluetooth Multipoint. While the controls can take some time to get used to, the earbuds offer excellent voice pickup for calls, especially indoors. With a battery life of 16 hours on a single charge and 58 hours with the charging case, the OWS Pro earbuds outlast most of their competitors.

Final Thoughts

The OWS Pro by Oladance is a strong contender in the open-ear earbuds market. Despite some design drawbacks, they offer superior comfort, sound quality, battery life, and call quality. Their unique focus mode is a clever feature that sets them apart. While the lack of wireless charging is surprising, given the price point, the Oladance OWS Pro earbuds are currently the closest to a no-compromise experience in the open-ear category. As the market continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how Oladance maintains its lead.

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