Once in a Blue Moon: Unique Lobster Hauled in Marblehead

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In a spectacle of nature’s whimsy, a lobster boat crew in Marblehead made a startlingly rare discovery this Thursday morning. Anne and David Rodgers, a wife-and-husband team, stumbled upon an unusual crustacean in their catch – a periwinkle blue lobster, a rarity that occurs approximately once in every two million lobsters, according to scientific estimates. This strikingly vibrant creature, its bright coloring a result of a genetic mutation, was found as the couple was moving their traps in preparation for Hurricane Lee.

The discovery of the blue lobster, while exciting, also presented the Rodgers with a dilemma. Faced with an incoming storm and a maritime superstition about bad luck, the couple was torn between keeping the extraordinary specimen and returning it to the ocean. This unexpected find not only highlights the rich biodiversity of our oceans but also touches upon the often delicate relationship between humans and nature.

Rare Blue Lobster Discovered Off Marblehead Coast

Boston – In an event that can only be described as one-in-two-million, a rare periwinkle blue lobster was discovered on Thursday morning off the coast of Marblehead. The unique crustacean was found by a husband-and-wife lobster boat crew who were preparing for the incoming Hurricane Lee.

An Unusual Catch Amidst Preparation for a Storm

Anne and David Rodgers, the lobster boat crew, were in the process of moving their traps when Anne spotted the unusual creature among their catch, as reported to the Marblehead Current. The discovery came as a surprise amidst the storm preparations, adding a bright spot to the otherwise grim situation.

A Rare Genetic Phenomenon

The lobster’s periwinkle blue shell is not a common sight, with chances of such a find estimated to be about one-in-two-million. This unique and striking brightness is attributed to a genetic mutation, resulting in a spectacle that many lobster boat crews can only dream of coming across in their lifetime.

Back to the Ocean

Despite the rarity and beauty of their find, the Rodgers made the decision to release the lobster back into the ocean. Their reasoning was steeped in superstition – they were concerned about the possibility of bad luck with the impending Hurricane Lee.

Final Thoughts

This story of the rare blue lobster is a testament to the beauty and diversity of marine life. It serves as a reminder of the myriad of surprises the ocean holds, waiting to be discovered. The decision of the Rodgers to release the lobster back into the sea also highlights the respect and understanding that many seafarers have for the ocean and its inhabitants. After all, finding a creature as rare as a blue lobster is a privilege, but ensuring its survival is a responsibility.

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