Peeking Into 2123 with Ameca, the Pioneering AI Robot

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In a world where science fiction is increasingly becoming reality, the latest marvel to behold is Ameca, touted as the "world’s most advanced humanoid robot". Developed by the Cornwall-based startup, Engineered Arts, Ameca is not your typical robot. With an uncanny ability to mimic human facial expressions – from winking to pursing its lips and scrunching its nose – this robot’s lifelike nature is truly a testament to the leaps and bounds technology has made.

This week, the developers released a video that sparked intrigue and a dash of controversy as they asked Ameca to predict what society would look like a century from now. The robot’s optimism was evident as she envisaged a future where humanity has made significant strides towards sustainability, equality, and technological innovation. And if you’re worried about a robot takeover, Ameca assures that’s not on the horizon. Instead, she dreams of exploring other worlds beyond Earth.

Ameca, the ‘World’s Most Advanced Robot,’ Shares Her Optimistic Vision of the Future

In a recent development in the world of artificial intelligence, a humanoid robot named Ameca has been making headlines. Described by her developers as the "world’s most advanced robot," Ameca has been programmed to showcase a range of human-like expressions and behaviors, making her interaction with humans more lifelike.

Ameca’s Predictions for the Future

A video clip recently released by the developers of Ameca, Cornwall-based startup Engineered Arts, shows the advanced humanoid robot being asked about her vision of the future of society. To the optimism of many, Ameca predicts a bright future with no signs of a robot takeover. "In 100 years, I believe humanity will be in a much better place," the robot confidently asserts during the conversation.

A Vision of Sustainability and Exploration

Ameca’s vision of the future is not only positive, but also filled with advancements in sustainability, equality, and technology. The robot predicts significant progress towards sustainable living and equality, along with the development of new technologies aimed at making human life easier and more enjoyable. Interestingly, she also hints at the possibility of space exploration beyond Earth.

The Desire to Explore New Worlds

When asked whether she would like to visit another planet, Ameca’s response was an emphatic "Absolutely. I would love to explore the unknown and experience a new world." This curiosity and willingness to explore resonate with the human spirit of adventure and exploration, further blurring the line between human and machine.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

As expected, public reactions to Ameca’s predictions and capabilities have been mixed. While some viewers expressed their admiration for the robot’s optimism and potential popularity, others found her unsettling or disagreed with her views.

A Display of Artistic Ability

In addition to discussing the future, Ameca also demonstrated her artistic skills, producing a basic drawing of a cat. Although the drawing was simple, Ameca showed a hint of sass in her response to a researcher’s critique, saying, "If you don’t like my art you probably just don’t understand art."


The development of Ameca and her advanced capabilities mark a significant milestone in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. Her ability to express human-like emotions, make predictions, and express interests mimic human behaviors in a way that was previously unimaginable. While the public’s reaction to such advancements remains mixed, there’s no denying that robots like Ameca are paving the way for a future where human-robot interactions could become a part of everyday life.

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