Real Estate Miracles Needed to Aid Middle-Income Home Buyers

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The American housing market is currently mired in a challenging situation, with high mortgage rates and limited inventory making homeownership an increasingly elusive dream for many. This scenario, according to industry expert and CEO of The Rogers Healy Companies, Rogers Healy, has been largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and may not change anytime soon. Healy, speaking on "America’s Newsroom", emphasized that real estate continues to be a key driver of the economy, and suggested that the future of the sector may depend on ‘miracles’ in the form of interest rate adjustments and other interventions.

Across the United States, middle-income earners are finding themselves priced out of the housing market due to escalating home costs and mortgage rates. The few who manage to secure a home often have to settle for pricier options, resulting in financial struggles and house-poor situations. However, Healy challenges this narrative, attributing the current buying trends to a shift in perspective towards homeownership, particularly among millennials. He posits that real estate is increasingly viewed as an investment, even for primary residences, which could be influencing the market dynamics.

US Housing Market Challenges: An Expert’s Perspective

The US housing market continues to pose challenges for potential homebuyers as they grapple with surging mortgage rates and a scarcity of affordable housing options. Rogers Healy, CEO of The Rogers Healy Companies, shared his insights on the current state of the market on "America’s Newsroom" on Thursday.

The Real Estate Cycle and Future Prospects

Healy stated that the US has been stuck in a real estate cycle ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With people waiting for the market conditions to change, he noted that real estate continues to be a driving force in our economy. He expressed hope for "some kind of miracles" in the real estate world, particularly with regard to interest rates.

Housing Affordability Crisis

Across the nation, many middle-income earners are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve the American dream of homeownership due to rising home prices and mortgage rates. This has resulted in some homeowners settling for more costly options, which can lead to financial strain.

However, Healy provided an alternative view, attributing the buying trends largely to millennials and their new perspective on homeownership. He suggested that people are now viewing real estate more as an investment, even when it comes to their primary residence.

Current Mortgage Rates and Market Trends

As reported by Freddie Mac, as of Thursday, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate averaged 7.18%, a slight decrease from last week’s 7.23%, but a significant increase from 2022 rates. The 15-year fixed mortgage remains at 6.55%, up about 1.5% from last year. These rate hikes, coupled with the rising cost of inflation, are exacerbating the financial hardship for many Americans.

Healy, however, encouraged homebuyers to consider buying a house as a short-term investment, with the possibility of refinancing in a year or two to potentially lower interest rates.

Supply Crunch and Future Outlook

The nationwide housing supply crunch is another significant issue, with the sale of previously owned homes falling by 2.2% in July, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Healy pointed out that with millennials now being the largest generation and starting families, he questioned whether the market could "keep up" with the demand.

Moreover, the average size for new housing has reportedly decreased by 10% nationally, making the problem of limited space more severe. Despite these challenges, Healy remains optimistic, stating that he does not foresee a real estate crash in the near future.


While the current housing market poses significant challenges for buyers, Healy’s perspective provides an alternate viewpoint on how to approach these difficulties. The shift in mindset towards viewing real estate as a short-term investment and the potential for market miracles could provide a silver lining in this seemingly bleak market. However, with the ongoing housing supply crunch and rising mortgage rates, it’s clear that solutions need to be found to sustain the American dream of homeownership.

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