Schools Invest in Parent ProTech to Bridge Tech Gap

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In a proactive move to bridge the digital divide between parents, educators, and the tech-savvy youth, school districts are turning to a unique software solution, Parent ProTech. This subscription-based platform aims to educate adults on the ins and outs of popular applications and video games that their children may be interacting with. From social media platforms to gaming consoles, Parent ProTech offers comprehensive insights into these digital arenas, effectively diminishing the knowledge gap that often leaves parents and educators in the dark about the digital spaces their children navigate.

Brock Murphy, a technology expert and Co-Founder of Parent ProTech, explains that the software offers hundreds of video tutorials on various apps, video games, and even safety tips. The platform delves deep into popular sites like TikTok and Instagram, providing families with detailed instructions on how to navigate these platforms, implement parental controls, and understand their primary functions. The application can be purchased by parents, but is also accessible if their child’s school district decides to invest in the software. This dual-access approach ensures that both parents and educators have the tools they need to stay informed and guide children in their digital journeys.

School Districts Embrace Parent ProTech Software to Bridge Digital Gap

School districts are increasingly turning to a subscription-based software, Parent ProTech, to keep educators and parents informed about the digital landscape that children navigate daily.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Parent ProTech is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of popular applications and video games that children use. "That range from what social media platforms that our kids are on all the way to, like gaming consoles they are playing," said Brock Murphy, technology expert and Co-Founder of Parent ProTech. The software is designed to fill the gap between what parents and educators know about these platforms and their actual uses.

A Rich Repository of Video Tutorials

Parent ProTech offers hundreds of video tutorials on various apps, video games, and safety tips. The software can be accessed by parents if their respective school districts purchase it. The tutorials delve deep into popular platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, guiding families on how to navigate these spaces, implement parental controls, and understand the platform’s purpose.

Enhancing Classroom Safety

Beyond just understanding popular digital platforms, the software also includes resources that can be used in classrooms to address potential threats to campuses. This makes it a versatile tool for both parents and educators, helping them prepare and protect children from potential online dangers.

Adoption and Impact

Harlingen CISD is one of the school districts that have invested in the Parent ProTech subscription, providing staff and parents with the tools needed to stay informed. "We wanted to make sure that our parents were equipped with the ability to navigate those restrictions for students. And so, we provided this Parent ProTech program for our parents. It’s also available for our educators," commented Sylvia Gamboa, the Director of Guidance and Counseling. Gamboa noted that the software has already made a significant impact in a short time.

Constantly Evolving Content

One of the significant advantages of Parent ProTech is its continually evolving content. As technology grows and more programs become available for kids, Parent ProTech remains up-to-date. "They’re never done with whatever they have online. So as technology grows, as more programs are out there for our kids, they really tap into that," Gamboa added.

My Takeaway

The adoption of Parent ProTech by school districts signifies the increasing recognition of the need to bridge the digital divide between parents, educators, and children. In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, tools like Parent ProTech that provide continuous updates and comprehensive insights into the digital landscape can be invaluable. It’s a commendable step towards equipping the key influencers in a child’s life with the knowledge and tools to navigate and guide through the digital world.

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