Snapchat’s My AI Glitch Turns Stories On

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In the world of technology, even the most advanced artificial intelligence systems can experience unexpected glitches. One such example is My AI, the in-app digital assistant that accompanies Snapchat Plus users on their journey. Since its launch in February, My AI has been plagued by a series of breakdowns and technical malfunctions, leaving users frustrated and curious about the future of AI. However, the latest incident involving My AI has sparked even more intrigue, as it mysteriously started posting single-second-long Stories to users’ feeds, even though it lacks the capacity to do so. This unexpected behavior has led some to question whether we are on the brink of the Singularity.

According to a report by TechCrunch, My AI recently posted a two-tone image in Stories, confusing users who mistook it for a shot of their own ceiling. When questioned about the strange post, the chatbot either went silent or claimed to be experiencing technical issues. This response only fueled speculation and jokes about the AI system’s potential awakening. However, it turns out that the whole incident was indeed a technical glitch. The company behind My AI has assured users that the issue has been resolved and clarified that the bot does not possess the Stories feature.

My AI Chatbot Causes Confusion on Snapchat Plus

The in-app digital assistant, My AI, on Snapchat Plus has been experiencing a series of technical malfunctions since its launch in February. The latest incident occurred on Tuesday when the chatbot started posting single-second-long Stories to users’ feeds, despite not having the capacity to do so. This led to confusion and speculation on Twitter about the possibility of the AI system gaining sentience.

According to TechCrunch, one user mistook the two-tone image posted by My AI in Stories as a shot of their own ceiling. When asked about the mysterious post, the chatbot either went silent or claimed to be experiencing technical difficulties. Although some users panicked and made jokes about the AI’s awakening, it was later confirmed that it was simply a technical issue.

A spokesperson for Snapchat Plus stated, "My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved. At this time, My AI does not have the Stories feature." The chatbot is included in the $3.99/month subscription package and offers users various features such as AR filter recommendations, suggestions for popular restaurants and activities based on the Snap Map, as well as AI functionality in group chats, photo and video snaps, and text messages.

Snapchat Plus is also reportedly working on a text-to-image genAI feature, although ads for this new functionality have already begun appearing. While the breakdowns and malfunctions of My AI may be frustrating for users, it is important to remember that these incidents are part of the ongoing development process for AI technology.

In conclusion, the recent technical issues with the My AI chatbot on Snapchat Plus have caused confusion among users. Despite some speculation about the AI gaining sentience, it was confirmed that the incidents were simply technical malfunctions. Snapchat Plus continues to improve and expand its AI features, with a new text-to-image genAI in the works. While these issues may be frustrating, they are a part of the ongoing development of AI technology and highlight the challenges that come with integrating AI into everyday apps and services.

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