S&P 500 Triumphs as Nasdaq Rises in Anticipation of Nvidia Results

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In a powerful rebound, U.S. stocks closed higher on Wednesday with the large-cap benchmark S&P 500 recording its best day since June 30. This upswing was primarily driven by falling bond yields and anticipation of results from Nvidia Corp., the leading chip manufacturer in the rapidly accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) market. The announcement of these results, due after market close, is expected to be a significant indicator of the ongoing AI boom, given Nvidia’s central role in the industry.

The technology sector, led by Nvidia, played a pivotal role in the sharp rise of the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq Composite on Wednesday. Nvidia’s stock performance, in particular, has been remarkable, with its shares soaring by 222.4% this year, far outpacing the S&P 500’s 15.5% gain. This trend underscores the growing enthusiasm for big technology stocks and AI, which have collectively driven U.S. equity indices higher for much of 2023. The chipmaker’s shares were up 3.2% on Wednesday, contributing to an 8.8% gain so far this week. The earnings report, therefore, is eagerly anticipated and will be closely scrutinized for its potential to influence market sentiment.

U.S. Stocks Rise, Led by Tech Sector Ahead of Nvidia Earnings Report

U.S. stocks closed higher on Wednesday, led by technology shares and fueled by falling bond yields. The S&P 500 experienced its best day since June 30, while investors eagerly anticipated the results from Nvidia Corp., the leading chipmaker in the artificial intelligence software boom.

Tech Shares Surge Ahead of Nvidia’s Earnings Report

The technology sector significantly contributed to the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq Composite’s upward trajectory, as the market anticipated Nvidia’s earnings report. Investors are keenly watching Nvidia as a bellwether for the AI frenzy. Nvidia’s shares have skyrocketed by 222.4% this year, compared to the S&P 500’s 15.5% gain, highlighting the market’s bullish sentiment towards tech stocks and AI. Nvidia’s shares were 3.2% higher on Wednesday, contributing to an 8.8% gain for the week.

Nvidia’s Earnings Report: A Look into AI Trends

The demand for Nvidia’s AI equipment is so high that the company is reportedly grappling with limited supplies. Investors are hoping the earnings report will provide insights into how supply and demand trends are balancing out. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, assured in March that the company has enough AI capacity to meet delivery demands through 2023. However, this statement was made before the recent surge in interest for these chips.

Market Volatility and Tech Rally

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, warned about the hype surrounding Nvidia and other megacap tech stocks. He cautioned that over-enthusiasm could lead investors to mistakenly view these stocks as a surefire way to build long-term wealth. Green stated that strong earnings and robust guidance could reignite the tech rally, which has stalled in recent weeks. However, he also warned of short-term market volatility if the results don’t meet expectations.

Impact of Bond Yields and Economic Data on Stocks

U.S stocks also benefited from falling bond yields in Europe and the U.S. This followed data showing that eurozone economic activity contracted more than expected, hitting a 33-month low. Meanwhile, the S&P flash U.S. PMI reading for August came in at 47, indicating a contraction in activity. The services PMI reading also fell to a six-month low. Furthermore, a preliminary benchmark revision by the Labor Department signaled a reduction in workers on payrolls, indicating a cooler labor market than previously thought. This data could temper expectations for future interest-rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, providing a boost to the stock market.


Overall, the U.S. stock market’s performance reflects the growing influence of the tech sector, especially companies like Nvidia that are at the forefront of AI innovations. However, investors should be cautious of over-enthusiasm and be prepared for possible market volatility. The impact of economic data and bond yields on stocks also highlights the interconnectedness of global financial markets. It is crucial for investors to consider these macroeconomic indicators when making investment decisions.

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