Squirrel Scores Unofficial Touchdown at Penn State-West Virginia Game

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In an unexpected twist during the first quarter of Penn State’s 2023 college football season opener against West Virginia, a furry intruder stole the show and the hearts of spectators. The unusual event unfolded as a squirrel took advantage of the 3:31 remaining in the first quarter, darting across the Beaver Stadium turf in University Park, Pennsylvania. The crowd, initially focused on the Nittany Lions’ 7-0 lead, quickly shifted their attention to the four-legged interloper, who was making a mad dash for the end zone.

The unexpected spectacle didn’t stop there. As two Penn State employees in blue polos made a valiant attempt to capture the rogue squirrel, the crowd of over 100,000 erupted into cheers as the small creature found its way to the end zone. The furry intruder’s triumphant run, which ended with it being shepherded off the field, not only provided entertainment but also seemed to ignite the West Virginia offense, which had been struggling in the early stages of the game.

Squirrel Steals the Show at Penn State’s Football Opener

In an unexpected twist at the Penn State’s 2023 college football season opener against West Virginia, it was not a player but a squirrel that stole the limelight. The furry creature made an impressive dash across the field midway through the first quarter, thrilling the crowd and momentarily halting the game.

A Unusual Interruption

The incident occurred shortly after a Penn State punt with 3:31 remaining in the first quarter. The Nittany Lions were leading 7-0 when the squirrel decided to join the action. It scampered across the turf at Beaver Stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania, evading two Penn State employees who chased after it in blue polos.

Touchdown by the Squirrel

Pushing the boundaries of the unexpected, the squirrel not only ran across the field but also reached the end zone, triggering cheers from a crowd of more than 100,000 spectators. The squirrel was eventually shepherded off the field, running out of the side of the end zone near a group of West Virginia cheerleaders.

A Motivating Moment

While it might seem like a mere moment of amusement, the squirrel’s energetic sprint seemed to have a motivational impact on the game. The West Virginia offense, which had struggled to gain traction in its first two possessions, sprang into action following the squirrel’s escapade. The Mountaineers rallied to cover 69 yards in nine plays for a touchdown, evening the score. The drive was capped off by a 1-yard touchdown run from CJ Donaldson.


This unusual incident underscores the unpredictable aspect of live sports events. While the squirrel’s dash might have been an amusing distraction, it seems to have sparked a burst of energy in the West Virginia team, reminding us that sometimes, motivation can come from the most unexpected sources. It’s also a testament to the resilience and adaptability of sports teams, who need to be prepared for all kinds of disruptions. Ultimately, it was an entertaining moment that added a dash of whimsy to the high-stakes atmosphere of a college football opener.

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