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Catchup App: Making Intentional Connections in the Age of Social Media

In today’s age of social media, it’s easy to feel connected, but the reality is that simply "liking" a post isn’t the same as reaching out and actively engaging with friends and family. That’s where Catchup, a newly launched app, comes in. Designed to help users make intentional connections, Catchup aims to prevent drifting apart from loved ones.

The Inspiration Behind Catchup

Catchup was developed by Chris Lee, head of design at Sprig, who struggled with staying in touch with friends and family due to the demands of his busy life. Lee realized that he often forgot to reach out, resulting in months or even years passing without communication. He noticed that this issue was not unique to him but a common problem faced by many. Last year, sociological research covered by The New York Times confirmed that people tend to underestimate how much their friends appreciate hearing from them.

How Catchup Works

To use Catchup, users select the friends and family they want to stay in touch with and how frequently they want to check in. The app allows users to mark occasions when they talk or meet, keeping track of how often they’re staying connected. Additionally, Catchup will note contacts’ birthdays, eliminating the need to rely on Facebook for reminders.

Positive Feedback and Features

Catchup released a beta build a month ago and received positive feedback from over 2,000 testers who found the app resonated with them. Users shared stories of how Catchup helped them become more intentional in their relationships. The app offers a free trial for up to two contacts, but an $8 in-app purchase unlocks unlimited contacts, notifications, and a widget for the Home Screen to remind users of who they need to check in with soon.

A Refreshing Approach to Social Apps

Catchup stands out in the crowded world of apps by offering a one-time purchase to unlock features, rather than relying on subscriptions. This simple, single-purpose utility is a breath of fresh air in today’s App Store. Lee believes that Catchup is a better social app than typical "social media" platforms, as it focuses on developing meaningful connections rather than shallow interactions.

Catchup is now available on iOS, providing users with a tool to make their moments of connection more intentional. With Catchup, you can prioritize staying in touch with loved ones and prevent the drifting apart that often occurs in our busy lives dominated by social media. Give it a try and see how it can help you nurture your relationships.


  • Catchup is a newly launched app designed to help users stay connected with friends and family.
  • The app allows users to select contacts and set frequency for check-ins to ensure intentional connections.
  • Catchup received positive feedback during its beta testing phase, with users sharing stories of improved relationships.
  • The app offers a one-time purchase to unlock unlimited contacts and additional features.
  • Catchup aims to promote depth in social connections rather than promote shallow interactions like traditional social media platforms.
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