Texas Job Market Booms with Addition of 26000 Positions in July

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In the face of an ever-evolving economic landscape, Texas continues to flex its muscles as a powerhouse of job creation and workforce growth. Month after month, the Lone Star State is breaking its own records for job numbers, employment rates, and labor force capacity, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. With an impressive addition of over 26,000 nonfarm positions in July alone, the state’s total job count has surged to nearly 14 million, marking 29 consecutive months of growth.

Texas isn’t just setting new records; it’s leading the nation in job creation with an astounding 441,700 positions added since July 2022. This incredible achievement is a testament to the state’s robust and resilient economy. As TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel puts it, "Texas leads the nation in sustainable job growth with more than 2.7 million positions added in the past decade." Despite slight fluctuations, the state’s unemployment rate remains steady at a seasonally adjusted 4.1 percent, further underscoring the strength and stability of Texas’s job market.

Texas Job Market Booms Amidst Continued Growth

Texas continues to witness an upswing in its job market, with more jobs and a higher employment rate than ever before, as reported by the Texas Workforce Commission. The state’s nonfarm employment sector experienced a boost with over 26,000 job additions in July 2021, bringing the total number of jobs in the state to nearly 14 million.

Private Sector Leads the Charge

Commissioner Aaron Demerson of the Texas Workforce Commission revealed that all but 400 of these new positions were in the private sector. This substantial increase indicates a streak of 29 months of consecutive growth, despite a slight dip from the previous month, where over 30,000 nonfarm jobs were added.

Texas: A National Leader in Job Growth

Over the past year, since July 2022, Texas has added a staggering 441,700 positions, leading the nation in the number of jobs added. "Texas leads the nation in sustainable job growth with more than 2.7 million positions added in the past decade,” commented TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent in July, while the civilian labor force reached a new peak of 15,078,400 people.

Boost in Major Industries

The hospitality sector emerged as a front-runner in job growth among all major industries, adding 9,800 jobs in July. The manufacturing industry followed closely with an addition of 6,600 jobs, while private education and health services added 6,400 positions.

A Pro-Growth Economic Climate

Governor Greg Abbott’s statement on Friday reflected positively on the state’s pro-growth economic policies. He expressed that the certainty of these policies and the productivity of the skilled and expanding workforce in Texas was attracting new employers and jobs to the state every day.


The numbers show a promising trend for Texas, with sustained job market growth reinforcing the state’s position as a national leader in employment growth. The private sector’s significant role in job creation and the success of major industries like hospitality, manufacturing, and health services underlines the strength of the state’s economy. The key takeaway is that Texas’s pro-growth economic policies and skilled workforce continue to drive its robust job market, making it an attractive destination for both job seekers and employers.

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