Threads Levels Up with New Web Browser Launch

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In the escalating digital duel between Elon Musk’s social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads, the latter is gearing up to launch a significant counterstrike. Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, recently announced that Threads is poised to unveil a fully-fledged browser version, a move that could potentially diversify its user base and enhance accessibility.

Until now, Threads users have been restricted to the confines of the mobile app, with a desktop version only accessible through a user’s Instagram profile. However, this is set to change. Although Mosseri refrained from revealing a release date, he emphasized the company’s renewed focus on the web and search functionalities. This development comes amid reports of X’s struggle with mobile downloads, following its recent rebranding, underscoring the intense competition between the rival platforms.

Browser Version of Threads in the Offing: Adam Mosseri’s Announcement

Instagram’s Threads to Get Web Version

In the ongoing tussle between Elon Musk’s newly rebranded X (formerly Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads, the latter is set to unveil a new strategy. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently announced that Threads is set to get a full-fledged web version, providing the platform with a stronger footing against its competitors.

Threads’ Shift Towards Web

Until now, Threads users have been restricted to using the mobile app, with the only desktop accessibility being through a user’s Instagram profile in a web browser. The URL merely leads to a QR code for the app download. However, Mosseri did not divulge any information about the possible release date of the web version. "We’re much more focused on the web, on search, which I think can meet a lot of the needs of hashtags," Mosseri was quoted as saying by The Wall Street Journal. He also added that the web version would be shared with everyone as soon as it’s ready.

X’s Struggles and Threads’ Challenges

Threads’ push for web dominance comes in the wake of X’s troubles with mobile downloads post its rebranding from Twitter. Tech blogger John Gruber reported that X has slipped to #51 in the App Store’s most downloaded free apps list and #66 in the Google Play Store. However, Threads has its own set of challenges. After a rushed launch to capitalize on X’s turbulence following its name change, Threads saw a drastic 80% drop in daily active users from 49 million shortly after its July launch to 9.6 million at the beginning of this month. Users also reportedly spent 50% less time on Threads just two weeks after its launch.

My Takeaways

The battle for social media dominance continues with the impending shift of Threads to a web-based platform. This move could potentially offer Threads a significant advantage in its cold war with X. However, the challenges that Threads currently faces, including a significant drop in active users and time spent on the platform, underline the need for a strategic and well-planned approach. It remains to be seen how this shift will impact the platform’s user base and overall standing in the social media landscape.

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