Threads Mobile Update Sparks Revival Hopes

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In a bold move aimed at challenging the dominance of X, previously known as Twitter, Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched Instagram’s own thread-based conversation platform, Threads, in early July. The new app was met with warm reception, with some users experiencing a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the days of early internet forum posting. However, Threads was far from being a complete package, with several features that made Twitter popular, notably missing, including full web browser availability, which left users with a read-only version on their browsers.

On a promising note, sources familiar with the matter revealed to the Wall Street Journal that a functional browser version of Threads could be rolled out as early as this week. This comes as a much-needed boost for the app, which has seen a significant decline in popularity since its launch. Despite amassing an impressive 100 million users in the first week, the initial buzz rapidly fizzled out, resulting in an 80% drop in daily active users. Nevertheless, Threads has been steadily bridging the functionality gap with its rival, X, with recent updates introducing chronological timeline features and search functions.

Meta Platforms Introduces Instagram’s Thread-Based Conversation Platform

In a bid to compete with Twitter, Meta Platforms (META) recently introduced a new thread-based conversation platform for Instagram, aptly named Threads. The new platform, launched by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in early July, has been well received by users, with some comparing the experience to the early days of forum posting on the internet.

Threads Vs Twitter

Despite its initial popularity, Threads is still finding its footing in the world of social media. Unlike its competitor, Twitter, Threads wasn’t fully available on a web browser at the time of its launch. Users could post to Threads via the mobile app, but the browser version was read-only. However, sources familiar with the matter suggest that a fully functional browser version of the app could be released as early as this week.

The Rise and Fall of Threads

The launch of Threads was met with great enthusiasm, gaining a staggering 100 million users in the first week. However, the platform’s popularity took a hit shortly after, with the number of daily active users dropping by 80%. Despite this setback, Threads is continuously enhancing its features to compete with Twitter.

Closing the Gap

Threads has recently introduced chronological timeline features and search functions to enhance user experience. However, Meta has not yet announced any features that would allow advertisers and influencers to monetize their content on Threads. This could be a major hurdle for the platform as it seeks to compete with Twitter, which offers extensive monetization options.


While Threads has had a rocky start, the potential introduction of a fully functional browser version and enhanced features could help it regain popularity. However, until monetization options are introduced, it may struggle to compete with established platforms like Twitter. It will be interesting to see how Meta navigates these challenges in the coming months.

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