Threads Web Version Now Live Says Instagram Head

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In a long-anticipated move, Meta has finally launched the web version of Threads, its competitor to Twitter. Announced earlier this week, the rollout of the browser-accessible platform is now in full swing, as confirmed by Instagram head Adam Mosseri. The update is expected to bring relief to users who have been eagerly awaiting this development, especially those who have been constantly refreshing in anticipation of its availability.

Previously, Threads users have been grappling with the absence of a web version, unable to browse feeds, post or reply to content, or even log in to their accounts using browsers. This shortcoming has been a significant hurdle for the app, leading to a noticeable decline in user engagement since its initial launch. Both Mark Zuckerberg and Mosseri have acknowledged this issue and promised that a web version was a top priority for their team, despite Mosseri’s recent admission of some bug-related issues.

Threads Finally Launches Web Version

Meta has made a significant move in the social media landscape with the long-awaited web version of Threads now live. This week, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, confirmed that the Twitter competitor can now be accessed from browsers. If you’ve been eagerly refreshing, it’s time to check again as the update is live for all users.

Waiting Time Over for Threads Users

Till now, many Threads users had been voicing their frustration over the lack of a web version. Despite being able to manually navigate to specific users’ profiles, users were unable to browse their feeds, post, reply, or even log in to their accounts from browsers. Many viewed this as a significant barrier to the otherwise popular app, which has seen a significant drop-off in engagement since its initial launch.

Overcoming Bugs and Promises of a Web Version

Both Mark Zuckerberg and Mosseri had been promising a web version of Threads, but the delay was attributed to the team working out some bugs with the experience. With the web version finally live, it’s a significant step towards fulfilling their promise and enhancing user experience.

Future Features and Expectations

The launch of the web version raises questions about which of the many "missing" features Threads will introduce next. Users have voiced their need for content search and hashtags, critical features that help people discover new content on Instagram and Twitter. While the addition of these features remains uncertain, Mosseri has ruled out the addition of Direct Messages (DMs) to avoid adding another inbox to users’ lives. However, he did raise the possibility of incorporating Instagram DMs into the Threads experience.

Post-editing Features in the Works

In an encouraging update, Mosseri confirmed that post-editing features are in the works for Threads. After a long wait for the web version, Threads users can now look forward to a much-needed edit button in the near future.


The launch of Threads’ web version is a significant move by Meta to boost user engagement and accessibility. While there’s still a way to go in terms of introducing key features such as content search and hashtags, the promised post-editing features and potential incorporation of Instagram DMs are promising indicators of Threads’ future direction.

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