TikTok Trend Promises Speed Boost for Android Devices

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With the ever-evolving world of Android technology, the speed of your smartphone can often leave you frustrated. Even the most advanced Android device can eventually show signs of slowing down due to a myriad of reasons. Whether it’s an underpowered processor, insufficient RAM, outdated software, or a storage space nearing its limit, your once smooth-running phone may suddenly turn sluggish. While simple fixes like a system restart, updating the software, or freeing up storage could help, not all issues are that straightforward. Recently, a TikTok hack suggesting a change in system animation settings as a quick fix for a lagging Android phone has been making rounds. But how much truth does it hold?

According to TikTok user Tyron Tech, tweaking the speed of system animations on your Android device could seemingly boost its performance. The idea is that by increasing animation speed, your phone might appear more responsive. However, this is a feel-good factor rather than a concrete solution. Adjusting these settings won’t magically enable your phone to run resource-heavy apps and games more efficiently, nor will it aid in multitasking or fix any lags or freezes. The fact is, while the phone may feel faster, its actual performance remains unaltered.

Android Phone Slowing Down? Here’s What You Can Do and What Won’t Work

From the very best to the most basic, even the fastest Android phones can eventually experience sluggishness. This slowdown can be attributed to a host of factors including underpowered processors, outdated software, insufficient RAM, or full storage. While some of these issues can be resolved by simple fixes such as a device restart, software updates, or freeing up storage space, others may necessitate an upgrade to a new phone.

The TikTok Hack Myth

A popular hack circulating on TikTok suggests that tweaking system animation settings can speed up a lethargic Android phone. Contrary to these claims, changing system animation speeds does little to enhance the overall performance of your phone, and is unlikely to help with multitasking or tackle lags and freezes.

Presented by TikTok user Tyron Tech, the hack proposes that increasing the speed of system animations makes your Android device run faster. While this might lend an illusion of responsiveness, it doesn’t improve the actual performance. Therefore, don’t expect your phone to suddenly handle resource-heavy apps and games effortlessly after modifying these settings.

The Reality Behind Animation Speed

Increasing the animation speed on your Android phone can make actions like opening apps, pulling down the notification shade, or tapping a menu item feel quicker. It’s comparable to how a phone with a 90Hz or 120Hz display feels faster than one with a standard 60Hz display. However, changing the system animation speed doesn’t alter your phone’s refresh rate, it merely accelerates animations. Consequently, while you might notice a difference with certain actions, others, like scrolling through your social media feed, will remain unaffected.

How to Adjust Animation Speed on Android

Despite its lack of impact on your phone’s performance, you can try increasing the animation speed if you want your phone to feel faster. To do this, you’ll first need to enable developer options on your device. Once you’re in developer mode, head to system animations under the ‘Drawing’ section and adjust the speed for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale to .5x. This will effectively double the speed of your animations.

The Bottom Line

While it’s important to be aware of quick fixes for a slowing Android phone, it’s equally critical to debunk myths that can waste your time and energy. Adjusting animation speeds might add a snappier feel to your device, but it doesn’t enhance your phone’s actual performance. If you’re dealing with a consistently sluggish phone, it might be time to consider a more powerful upgrade or seek professional tech advice.

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