TikTok Unveils Tool to Label AI Content Curbing Misinformation

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In a proactive move to stem the tide of misinformation, TikTok unveiled a new tool on Tuesday that will assist creators in labeling AI-generated content. This development is designed to facilitate adherence to the company’s existing AI policy, which mandates that all manipulated content depicting realistic scenes be clearly labeled as fake or altered. The objective is to ensure users are not misled by content that could distort their perception of real-world events.

The advent of this tool is a response to escalating concerns about the potential for artificial intelligence to fuel misinformation. TikTok, known for its strict prohibition of deepfakes – videos and images digitally created or manipulated with AI – has been under pressure to maintain a high level of transparency. In addition to the new tool, the company also announced that it will commence testing an "AI-generated" label this week, to be applied to any content detected as being edited or created by AI.

TikTok’s New Tool Aims to Curb Misinformation

In an effort to combat the spread of misinformation, popular social media platform TikTok announced on Tuesday that it will be introducing a new tool designed to aid creators in labeling AI-generated content.

Targeting the Misuse of AI

TikTok’s new tool aims to help creators adhere to the company’s existing AI policy, which mandates that all manipulated content depicting realistic scenarios must be labeled accordingly to indicate their altered or fabricated nature. The company strictly forbids the use of deepfakes, which are digitally created or modified videos and images crafted with artificial intelligence, that mislead users about real-world events.

Setting Boundaries for AI Usage

While the company’s policy does not permit deepfakes of private individuals or young people, TikTok allows modified images of public figures under specific circumstances, such as for artistic and educational purposes.

Introducing the "AI-Generated" Label

In addition to the introduction of the new tool, TikTok also announced that it will initiate testing of an "AI-generated" label this week. This label will be applied to content that the platform detects as being edited or created using AI. The company further plans to rename effects on the app that incorporate AI to explicitly include "AI" in their name and corresponding label.

A Response to Rising Concerns

TikTok’s announcement comes amid growing apprehension about the potential impact of the AI arms race on misinformation. The European Union, for instance, has been urging online platforms to ramp up their efforts to combat false information by applying labels to text, photos, and other AI-generated content.


This move by TikTok is a significant step in the fight against misinformation. By providing tools that help creators clearly label AI-generated content, the platform is encouraging transparency and promoting responsible content creation. It’s reassuring to see that TikTok is taking the potential misuse of AI seriously by setting boundaries for its use and introducing explicit labels. However, it remains to be seen how effectively these measures will curb the spread of misinformation.

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