TikToker Rides Viral Wave to Stardom Thanks to Neighbor’s Cat

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In a digital era where viral fame can be as fleeting as it is rewarding, one TikToker’s life was forever transformed thanks to a serendipitous moment with her neighbor’s cat. The TikToker, known as June (@june_bannon), earned a staggering 49 million views in 2021 alone for her whimsical "here comes the boy" video, where she improvised a charming song for the feline, affectionately named Mashed Potato. The associated hashtag (#herecomestheboy) has accumulated nearly a billion views, inspiring a flood of tributes to pets and loved ones, and even sparking a musical collaboration with harpist Kristan Toczko (@harpistkt), whose audio has been used in over 53,000 videos.

June recently shared a heartwarming update that has already garnered 11 million views and 1.6 million likes, in response to a fellow TikToker’s prompt: "What is one small unimportant decision you made that changed the whole trajectory of your life?" She revealed how her viral fame paved the way for her to build a following, become widely recognized, and experience a series of life-changing events after relocating to South Korea. The funds generated from her viral video not only enabled her to settle comfortably in her new home, but also led her to find love, embark on a fulfilling career, and discover new passions.

Life-Altering Virality: A TikToker’s Unexpected Journey

Two years ago, June Bannon (@june_bannon), a popular TikToker, ad-libbed a catchy song for her neighbor’s cat, Mashed Potato, in a video titled "Here Comes The Boy." Little did she know then, this seemingly unimportant decision would end up changing

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