Turn Your Pet into a Live Sticker with iOS 17

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In an exciting development for Apple enthusiasts, the tech giant has launched iOS 17, closely following the unveiling of its latest products – the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2 at the much-hyped "Wonderlust" event last week. The new operating system not only introduces a slew of improvements, such as the StandBy mode, but also brings an innovative feature that allows users to turn their photos and live photos into custom Live Stickers to share via Messages.

The Live Stickers, a progressive adaptation of the tap-and-lift photo function introduced in iOS 16, takes personalization to another level. This feature enables users to cut out the backgrounds of photos and live photos, add effects to these images, and store the stickers conveniently in the new app drawer in Messages. The following guide provides a step-by-step breakdown of how to transform your images into stickers, promising an enhanced messaging experience.

iOS 17 Introduces Customizable Live Stickers

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, has been released, just a week after the announcement of the new iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 at its "Wonderlust" event. The new OS comes with several improvements, including a StandBy mode. However, a standout feature is the ability to turn your photos and live photos into custom Live Stickers for use in Messages.

Elevating The Sticker Game

Live Stickers are an advanced version of the tap-and-lift photo feature introduced in iOS 16. This feature allowed users to eliminate the background in photos and live photos. Now, with the new Live Stickers feature, users can add effects to the cut-out images and store them in the new app drawer in Messages. This provides a fun and personalized touch to your conversations.

How to Create Live Stickers on iOS 17

Creating Live Stickers is a simple process. Start by opening Messages and selecting any text conversation. Tap the plus sign (+) next to the text field, and then ‘Stickers’. Tap the folded-over circle near the top-right corner of the Stickers app and then the large plus sign (+) to open your Photos. Choose the photo or live photo you want to transform into a sticker. Your iPhone will automatically remove the background from the photo. Once you’re satisfied, tap ‘Add Sticker’ in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Where Can You Use Your Live Stickers?

Once created, your Live Sticker will be added to the Stickers app in Messages. You will then have the option to rearrange, add effects or delete your Live Sticker within the Stickers app. Adding an effect, such as a white outline, can give your sticker a distinct look. According to Apple, your new Live Stickers can be used anywhere you can access emojis. This includes other apps and across different Apple devices, even those not running iOS 17. However, there may be slight issues when using Live Stickers outside of Apple apps and devices, as evidenced by an attempt to use a Live Sticker on messaging app Slack, which added a white background to the sticker.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of Live Stickers in iOS 17 is an exciting one, adding a new level of creativity and personalization to messaging. While there may be limitations in its use outside of Apple’s ecosystem, it remains a fun and engaging feature within it. The new iOS 17 promises even more improvements and features that are sure to enhance the user experience.

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