Vizio Quantum Pro TV Set to Shine at an Affordable Price

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Vizio, a brand synonymous with delivering high-grade image quality at a competitive price, is poised to redefine the television landscape with its latest Quantum Pro models. While a hands-on review remains pending, the specifications provided by the company, coupled with Vizio’s proven pedigree, suggest that the Quantum Pro could pose a formidable challenge to comparable models from rivals such as TCL and Hisense.

The Quantum Pro, available in two extensive sizes of 65 inches ($700) and 75 inches ($1,000), positions itself as a cost-effective alternative to flagship mini-LED TVs, while maintaining a price edge over entry-level models. This strategic pricing situates the Quantum Pro in the "mid-priced" segment, offering consumers exceptional value. The previous Vizio model reviewed, the MQX series, also demonstrated exceptional picture quality for its price bracket, a trend the Quantum Pro aims to continue. Vizio claims a brightness of 1,000 nits, similar to the MQX, but hints that the new model may exceed this measure, a claim eagerly anticipated for validation.

Vizio’s New Quantum Pro TVs: The Midpriced Powerhouses

Vizio has consistently been a pioneer in creating televisions that offer top-notch image quality at a reasonable price. The company’s latest Quantum Pro models are sure to continue this legacy. Though an in-depth review is pending, the specifications and Vizio’s proven track record suggest that the Quantum Pro may offer stiff competition to similar models from TCL and Hisense.

Quantum Pro: Big Sizes, Affordable Prices

The Quantum Pro is available in two large sizes, 65 inches priced at $700 and 75 inches at $1,000. This pricing puts it a few hundred dollars below flagship mini-LED TVs like the TCL QM850G and Hisense U8K, but slightly higher than entry-level televisions. Thus, the Quantum Pro fits neatly into what can be classified as the "midpriced" segment.

Enhanced Features and Superior Quality

The Quantum Pro boasts several high-end specifications and improvements over previous models. Vizio claims a brightness of 1,000 nits, similar to what was measured in the last reviewed model, the MQX series. The company also asserts that the new TV will measure even brighter. In addition, Vizio has added an anti-reflective coating to the screen and widened the viewing angle.

The Quantum Pro surpasses the MQX in terms of local dimming zones, with 40 and 80 respectively for the 65 and 75-inch models. This could potentially boost contrast and lessen stray illumination or blooming. Alongside these features, the Quantum Pro supports true 120Hz input at 4K resolution with variable refresh rate, outperforming similarly priced sets like the Roku Plus Series. Furthermore, a new feature allows it to lower resolution to 1080p and increase the frame rate to 240 frames per second for smoother gaming.

The Basic Quantum Series and SmartCast System

Vizio also announced the launch of the basic Quantum series, offered in three sizes but without the local dimming and 120Hz features of the Quantum Pro. Both series use quantum dots to enhance color and brightness. All Vizio TVs continue to employ the SmartCast system for streaming, which is set to receive a few improvements, including a redesigned menu system for easier browsing.


The Quantum series is available for purchase starting today, while the Quantum Pro will start shipping in November. A comprehensive CNET review is on its way.

Final Thoughts

Vizio’s Quantum Pro represents an interesting development in the midpriced TV segment. Its competitive pricing, coupled with high-end features and promising specifications, positions it as a strong contender against brands like TCL and Hisense. The Quantum Pro might be an ideal choice for customers who want great image quality without breaking the bank. The redesigned SmartCast system could also boost Vizio’s standing among streaming platforms. Overall, the Quantum Pro series looks set to uphold Vizio’s reputation for delivering excellent value for money.

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