Walgreens CEO Steps Down, Market Buzz and More Top Business News

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In a week rife with dramatic market shifts, the abrupt resignation of Walgreens Boots Alliance’s CEO, Rosalind Brewer, sent shockwaves through Wall Street, triggering a significant drop in the company’s stock. Brewer, who had been steering the pharmacy giant towards a more holistic healthcare approach through key acquisitions like VillageMD, stepped down after a two-year tenure. This unexpected move has led to a 7 percent decrease in Walgreens’ stock, marking a 37 percent decline for the year, and sparking speculation about the company’s search for a successor with more profound healthcare experience.

Meanwhile, 3M’s $6 billion settlement over defective earplugs has surprisingly buoyed investor confidence, leading to a 1 percent increase in the company’s stock. The multinational conglomerate was embroiled in a lawsuit with service members alleging that the earplugs failed to protect their hearing against intense noises such as close-range gunfire. Although the settlement amount could potentially escalate to $12.5 billion, the resolution of the issue, albeit provisional, has seemingly reassured investors, reflecting an intriguing dynamic in the market.

The Week’s Major Market Stories: A Guided Tour

Walgreens CEO Resigns

In a surprising turn of events, Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO, Rosalind Brewer, resigned after just two years at the helm. Under Brewer’s leadership, the company expanded its focus from merely dispensing medications to acquiring preventative care providers such as VillageMD. Brewer, who previously held top positions at Starbucks, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Kimberly-Clark Corporation, leaves Walgreens in search of a new CEO with more in-depth healthcare experience. This news led to a 7 percent drop in Walgreens stock, marking a 37 percent decrease for the year.

3M Settles over Faulty Earplugs

3M has agreed to a $6 billion settlement over earplugs that allegedly failed to protect military service members’ hearing. Users claimed that the earplugs’ design caused them to loosen, resulting in inadequate protection against loud noises. As part of the settlement, 3M is not required to admit liability. While not yet finalized and potentially reaching up to $12.5 billion, the settlement appeared to be a positive development for investors, with 3M’s stock ending the week up 1 percent.

Best Buy’s Sales Slowdown

Best Buy has reported a decrease in electronics spending due to rising prices. Despite a fall in sales and profits last quarter, the company’s stock rose as earnings beat expectations. However, Best Buy predicts a continued slowdown until 2024, when CEO Corie Barry anticipates market stabilization. The company’s stock ended the week on a positive note, up by 2 percent.

UBS’ Cost-Saving Measures

Swiss megabank UBS announced a $10 billion savings plan through the integration of Credit Suisse’s operations, leading to a reduction of 3,000 staff members. This cost-saving measure is in addition to the bank’s impressive $29 billion profit last quarter, thanks to a negative goodwill accounting strategy. UBS stock ended the week on a high, up 7 percent.

Jobs Report Gives Investors Hope

The August jobs report released by the Labor Department indicates a stable labor market. While hiring continues to grow at a slower pace and the unemployment rate rises as more people reenter the job market, this report has given investors hope. The stock markets reacted positively to the stabilizing labor market, hopeful that the Federal Reserve might reconsider the future rate hikes announced by Fed Chair Jerome Powell.


This week’s market stories underscore the dynamism in today’s business environment. CEO transitions, legal settlements, sales fluctuations, cost-saving strategies, and labor market trends all have significant impacts on company stocks and investor sentiment. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these unfolding narratives shape the market landscape.

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