Why the iPhone 15 Pro Needs the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are rumored to be the stars of the company’s September 12 event, promising several major enhancements. These upgrades are said to include a sleek titanium finish, narrower bezels, and, for the first time, USB-C charging, according to reports from Bloomberg. However, it’s the potential addition of an Action button that has sparked significant interest among technology enthusiasts, which could potentially revolutionize the way users interact with their iPhones.

The Action button, which is currently a feature of the Apple Watch Ultra, could make it easier to quickly access controls such as the flashlight, accessibility settings, and voice memos on the new Pro models. This feature, according to Bloomberg and MacRumors, is similar to last year’s Dynamic Island – a mini secondary display that allows users to view snippets of information without leaving the home screen. If included, the Action button could make multitasking on the iPhone more effortless and further differentiate Apple’s premium models from its standard range.

A New Action Button to Transform the iPhone Experience

Apple’s rumored iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, predicted to make their debut at the much-anticipated event on September 12, are anticipated to sport several groundbreaking features. These may include a sleek titanium finish, slimmer bezels, and the introduction of USB-C charging, as reported by Bloomberg. However, one feature that particularly stands out is the rumored Action button, a feature adopted from the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Action Button: A Game Changer for iPhone

Reports from Bloomberg and MacRumors suggest that the new Pro models will inherit the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action key. This could simplify access to controls like the flashlight, accessibility settings, and voice memos. Similar to last year’s Dynamic Island – a mini secondary display for showing tidbits of information without leaving the home screen – the Action button could make multitasking on the iPhone easier.

The Action button, if incorporated, could significantly differentiate Apple’s premium phones from its standard models. It could potentially justify the high price tag while providing new customization opportunities for your iPhone.

The Action Button: A Reliable Companion

The Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra has proven to be a practical feature. It allows users to swiftly start an outdoor walk with just two taps, eliminating unnecessary complications or requests to Siri. Similarly, an Action button on the iPhone could be programmed to start a timer, turn on a specific alarm, or call a certain contact, proving to be a handy feature.

MacRumors disclosed code in the iOS 17 beta that hints at the possible functions of the iPhone 15 Pro’s rumored Action button. These include running a shortcut, turning on silent mode, launching the camera, using the flashlight, and activating a Focus mode. This could save users a few taps and swipes to accomplish simple tasks.

Redefining the iPhone Experience

Apple implementing new uses for physical buttons on an iPhone is noteworthy. While advancements in screen technology, cameras, and sensors have been more highlighted than new buttons in recent years, this potential addition could be a unique departure from Apple’s usual approach.

The Action button could provide another way for Apple to distinguish its standard iPhone from its pro-level device. This move could indicate a shift in how Apple positions its top-of-the-line iPhone, with the iPhone Pro becoming more than just a device for photo enthusiasts. With features like the Dynamic Island and the potential Action button, it could become a device better suited for multitasking.

Personalization at its Best

The Action button could open doors for greater personalization, an important theme in Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update. If the reports are accurate, users will be able to customize the Action button to their liking. This move shows that Apple is tailoring the iPhone’s hardware around personalization, not just its software.


The Action button could potentially be a game-changer, providing a quicker and more obvious way to launch certain shortcuts. While similar features exist in other phones, they are rare in mainstream devices. The Action button could be the extra something special the iPhone needs right now, especially as competitors like Samsung and Google are investing in more dramatic design upgrades with their foldable phones.

The rumors are exciting, but we will have to wait until the official event to see if these features come to life. If they do, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could redefine the smartphone experience, making it more user-friendly and personalized.

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